Impact of hero sliders on design and CRO

Impact of hero sliders on design and CRO

Out of all the objectives that you’d have set, if your ultimate goal is conversion. You must pay keen attention to the website design as it plays a vital role in the entire process. Whether you’re trying to obtain more traffic, get more sales, grow subscribers, or anything else. Concentrating upon the visual appeal of the website is quite important especially hero sliders on websites.

Out of all the techniques and methods. One of the best these days is to include attractive hero sliders on the site.

Not just the slider can spice up the website but can also include an additional layer of allure to the content. Moreover, with a slider, keeping visitors engaged becomes a seamless task as well. Considering how the use of visual media on the website is skyrocketing. Displaying a slider can only fetch your benefits and nothing else.

For instance, look at these numbers:

Since both of these aspects are essential, instead of using them individually. Why not use a slider and showcase both the images and videos along with other types of content as well.

In this post, let’s find out more about how hero sliders are impacting the design. As well as the conversion rate optimization for a website.

What Is Hero Slider?

Hero Image slider

With a hero slider, the idea of using hero images can be extended tremendously. By using such a slider on the website, you can effortlessly display a variety of content. Also, Including animation, transitions, pictures, videos, and much more.

Usually, such kind of sliders is placed below the content. Hence, they are mainly objectified to let visitors have a brief idea about the content. Right from greeting visitors, communicating a message, motivating to take the right step, to telling them a story – there’s a lot that hero sliders can do

Although a majority of people do understand the importance of these sliders. There is a section as well that is totally clueless about it.

Having said that, there are certain ways through which these sliders affect the website and its conversion rate.

Hero Sliders Impacting CRO & Design:

Increased On-Page Time:

With hero sliders, keeping visitors engaged and hooked becomes an easy-going task. Keeping in mind how the audience is preferring visual content. If you’ve managed to make the slides attractive enough, they are going to check them out.
In such a scenario, the uniqueness that you integrate into the sliders matters the most.

Whether you’re just showcasing your products or are trying to make sales. The visual appeal of the slider can make a lot of difference.

Hence, the more time that visitors will spend on your website, the incredible increase would be there in the on-page time. This can also impact your search engine ranking positively.

Helps Visitors in Decision Making:

Hero Sliders Importance

More than anything else, one of the primary aspects that would be influencing your visitors would be the quality of the slider. Be it the media or content. Regardless of the number of sliders, you must make sure that every factor of the slider is convincing enough.

If you’ve set the standard of quality higher, establishing trust among users will become immensely easier. Having HD images, qualitative content, convincing CTA buttons, and more can help users make a better decision.

In this way, increasing sales wouldn’t be a tough job any longer.

Understandable Design:

There is a high chance of visitors not understanding the text content posted on the website. It can be either because of complicatedly curated content or language barrier. But, when you use sliders, no complications seem to appear in the way.

Moreover, if you’re successful in generating such a slider that would complement the foundational theme of your website, things can be even easier for you. Hence, along with enhancing the design of the site, it can also make your visitors familiar with the prospects of your brand.


According to specific reports and studies, an approximate of 55% internet usage was on mobile devices. And, clearly, mobile is overtaking the desktops just like the blink of an eye. Furthermore, with sliders becoming mobile-friendly, marketers now have better opportunities to showcase their brand and rope in more customers and clients.

The beautiful sprawling images that you’ve displayed scrolling around with a hooking CTA text can now efficiently work in mobile devices as well. Without, getting a shrink to the size of a microscope or rendering your brand message in any form.

Then, with the internet connections becoming super-fast, loading of these sliders on mobile devices has become quick as well. Therefore, from all the possible ways, a hero slider leaves a positive response on the conversion rate optimization of the site.

Timing That Matches Well:

Hero slider Image variation

Timing has always been an important aspect of sliders. Generally, there are always two significant issues that arise with this element, either being too quick or too slow. In the former context, if you’re providing more than 2 seconds between every slide, you might experience some positive results as anything lesser than that time period can augment the risk of visitors not comprehending your message.

And, in the latter one, you shouldn’t be making sliders too slow, just to battle the quick scrolling. Once you’ve figured out a perfect balance between quick and slow, you’ll be able to master the timing of your hero sliders.

Effectiveness also comes from providing control to users themselves. In this way, your visitors will be able to control the slides however they want, understanding the content even better.

Encourages Easy Action:

Although there are innumerable ways to display the USPs of the brand or you can even choose to showcase the CTA button uniquely, however, while using sliders, the entire process becomes even more beholden.

By putting a slider on the landing page, you compel your visitors to click on it and get to know more about your featured products or services. And, it might even help increase the conversion rates if you keep experimenting with the content of the slider.


If dig a bit deeper, the impact of hero sliders on the website design and CRO can be extremely high, of course, in a positive way. So, if you haven’t used this widely-famous element on your website yet, it’s time to do so; however, by maintaining utmost care and patience.

Find a responsive and SEO-friendly slider WordPress plugin and create some marvelous slides to display on the website and to keep visitors engaged for a more extended period of time.

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