How is a paraphrasing tool helpful in SEO and Content marketing?

How is a Paraphrasing tool helpful in SEO and Content Marketing

We all know that the internet has become an information hub nowadays. Every person searches for his queries over there using his mobile phone or laptop.

A lot of writers research for data about a specific topic from a search engine too. A writer may copy someone’s words from the internet while searching for data.

Being a marketing expert, you must have come across the term “Paraphrasing”. It is a specific process to make a copied or duplicate content unique to use in any website.

If you have duplicate content on your website, it will be the worst experience of your life. Your marketing strategies will not be capable of ranking your business in higher positions.

What is SEO?

SEO is a specific art with which a person or team tries to push their website’s rank on the search engine. It is not some fraud or unethical practice but a set of organic techniques.

All experts know that Google uses almost 200 factors in its algorithm to rank a website. SEO is not to cover all those steps only even after a year.

You should improve your techniques with the updates of Google’s algorithm. You can’t do proper optimization without understanding the algorithm of a search engine.

Some factors affect SEO or ranking directly that you should have to focus on for better outcomes. Content is one of those essential factors.

Impact of Unique Content in SEO

Content is the key to success that will support your SEO techniques efficiently. Without powerful content, you can’t rank even in the first 100 pages of Google.

Duplicate content is the main problem that you will find while implementing SEO. It will never allow your techniques to boost traffic on your platform.

You should publish unique blogs and articles on your website to get fruitful results in the future. No doubt, a writer can’t write 100% unique content because of huge data availability.

But a tool can do this because of the advanced framework on which it has been designed. Don’t worry if a plagiarism checker shows copied lines in your content.

You can make them unique using a paraphrasing tool available over the internet. With this tool, you will be able to fulfill all the requirements of the task. 

You should give a try to any of these tools to experience the perfect results.

What are the best paraphrasing Tools?

Although there are many paraphrasing tools available online we have mentioned some of the best paraphrasing tools that are available for free. 

  1. Prepostseo
  2. Quillbot 
  3. Paraphrasing-Tool

Why Paraphrasing Tools are helpful?

Paraphrasing tools will help you a lot in gaining prominent ranking in the search engine. It will support you in different dimensions, some of which are given below.

1. Enhance Readability

Readability is not something like designs in your content, spaces between words and lines. But it is a metric that tells how easy your content is to be read by a visitor.

According to research, the more readable content you have on your website, the higher ranking you will get in the search engine. It is because this kind of content is loved by search engine algorithms.

It is expected that a writer may write complex sentences unintentionally. This will reduce the readability score that will be harmful to your website’s ranking.

The paraphrasing tool will rewrite all those sentences and make them more readable. In this way, you will publish the content for which the search engine is looking.

2. Keyword variation

If we say that SEO is nothing without proper use of keywords, then it is correct. When you ask a writer to add keywords in his article or blog, there might be huge chances that he will do keyword stuffing.

It is an old technique that was used to boost ranking on a specific keyword. Don’t do this now because the search engine will never push your rank. 

A paraphrasing tool will be the best choice for you to create variations in the keywords. It is because the tool will use synonyms of every possible word to make it unique.

It will show you all the suggested words that you can replace. In this way, you can quickly get variations in the keywords and make the content fully optimized.

3. Remove Grammar errors

Many paraphrasing tools will do this task and proofread your document to find grammar mistakes. No doubt, the search engine will not penalize your website directly because of typos mistakes.

But if you have typos and grammar errors in bulk, you have to face the worst results. According to some research, such mistakes will increase the website’s bounce rate by more than 80%.

That is the most threatening factor because the search engine will de-rank your website. So, you should avoid these errors by using a paraphrasing tool.

For this task, it may have integrated with Grammarly extensions to check errors in your writings.

Final thoughts

Without paraphrasing, you can’t write SEO-optimized content to engage the audience. You should use this tool to make the content matchless and rank higher.

Further, this tool will resolve many human errors that might be available in your writings.