How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme And Boost Up Your Online Business

How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme And Boost Up Your Online Business

People prefer WordPress due to its varied features and functionalities that ease the development process. It has free and paid themes that are easily customizable as per user requirements, making the website more interactive and engaging. Selecting the custom WordPress development ensures that your theme will complement the website’s content and represent it uniquely in the digital market.  

Your WordPress theme will represent your business in the digital world that makes the task more meaningful, and makes an informed decision. Here are some questions that you need to answer before starting to look for a WordPress theme:

  • What is the website for?
  • Are you aware of your competitors in the market?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What is your ultimate goal with the website?

What to look for while selecting a WordPress theme?

  • It should be secure

Building a website needs a lot of effort as it might contain sensitive information of the visitors that must be secured. Some of the WordPress themes are prone to high-security breaches, affecting your website’s reputation in the search engines. 

  • It must get regular updates 

There are chances that some versions of themes will not be compatible and secure with the latest version of WordPress. Frequent updates are necessary to get security patches, and it makes the theme well-resourced with the latest version of WordPress. 

  • There should be an excellent support team

There should be a knowledgeable team about WordPress to resolve developers’ and visitors’ issues. This provides a great solution to make the development process easy to make sure your website moves forward. 

  • SEO-Friendly 

Some of the themes have built-in SEO features, while someone can custom WordPress development services to install third-party plugins. If the WordPress theme has performed the right strategies to handle Search Engine Optimization, it can increase your rankings on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

  • Mobile Responsive 

Smartphones have become a source to gain most internet traffic compared to laptops, computers, or desktops. Some of the best WordPress themes offer tools to make the platform mobile-friendly, customized based on a mobile display. 

Let us focus on the features which will help in making the right decision about the theme:

Invest your time at the right place

Once you know the business, you want to invest some time selecting the theme that matches your requirements. WordPress has a great collection of themes that will make the process more time-consuming. Hire WordPress developers who will ease this task as they are already aware of the best themes available in the market and select the best one to compliment your business. 

Getting Started

Select the theme supported by the plugins like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more to help with new features and functionalities. Take note of the valuable information of the theme that should not be missed to meet your goals. 

Test the theme

Decide if you want to get a free or paid theme for your website. If you have a limited budget, start with a free version, and after growing the business, move to the premium ones to give a better user experience. Use the combination to test the theme and ensure if it’s suitable for you:

Use the demo of the theme

This helps in looking at what you can expect from the theme. Look for the elements available in the theme like the plugin, built-in pages, custom widgets, and more. Spend enough time in the demo to understand if it provides speed and increases the conversion rates. 

  • Discuss with the support team 

Get in contact with the support to notice how well they treat you. Ask important questions and share relevant information about your expectations. Try to collect as much data you can and select them which has detailed documentation. 

  • Request for a trial 

There are various choices available in the WordPress theme, like you might get them free of cost, trial period, or refund the amount if it does not give you satisfactory results. You should apply them and see how it looks like during this period.

  • Find the reviews about the theme 

Check the reviews from the users that are already using the WordPress theme. Ensure that the post-sales support is excellent because there are chances that the seller is great before the purchase, which might be invisible after completing the purchase. 

The Loading Speed 

Once you have completed the setup of WordPress website, run some speed tests on it. The best page loading time is less than three seconds, but you can take four seconds for media-heavy pages. There are great tools and plugins to test these functionalities and make sure it works perfectly. 

Code Quality 

Hire WordPress developer who understands the PHP language to ensure that the quality of code is perfect for the theme. You can perform automated theme tests that resolve the small issues and keep the code organized. Custom WordPress development makes sure that the documentation, good organization, clean code, and details improve the quality. 


Searching for a theme requires significant efforts and makes decisions that matches your business. WordPress is an excellent choice as you have the freedom to change the theme without affecting the website’s SEO and performance.