Tutorial: How to Create a Slider with HTML5 Video

Tutorial: How to Create a Slider with HTML5 Video

You can see sliders on almost every homepage on the Web these days, and they have a lot of benefits – they increase the interactivity and engagement of the page’s content, and they can showcase fresh content to your visitors – but probably the biggest use is that they save space.

Most people just want to put video slider on their homepage as it grabs biggest attention on some particular area of the website , so we decided to write a quick tutorial to show you how to create a slider with html5 video with the help of SlideDeck3.


Click Manage

wordpress slider plugin


Click Create SlideDeck

responsive slider plugin


Give a name to the Slider say HTML5 Video Slider

slider plugin


Select Video Slide Option

wordpress slider plugin


Click on Click to edit

wordpress slider plugin


Choose HTML5 Video option -> Click on Upload Video Button

wprdpress slider


Upload mp4 video -> Select Video

responsive wordpress slider


Make Other settings -> Click Apply

wordpress slider plugin


You can see the video working in Side by Side Editor

wordpress slider plugin


Add Shortcode to your site page/post/widget to show the Slider

dynamic wordpress slider


Smile, and be happy

Aaand, you’re done! You’ve now successfully added an html5 video slider on your site, space-saving slider to your WordPress site.

So are you going to start creating SlideDecks with HTML5 Videos? Is this a useful feature to you? Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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