How to Create a YouTube Video Slider using a WordPress plugin (SlideDeck)

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YouTube videos can be a great way to showcase tutorials, interviews and other such recordings.
Adding these videos in a WordPress slider would definitely help in creating a slick website. With SlideDeck, you can create a Youtube video slider in a jiffy!
Once your SlideDeck plugin is up and running , follow this step-by-step guide to create YouTube video slider on your WordPress site.

STEP ONE : Generate the YouTube API key

For sourcing videos from your YouTube account, you need to generate the YouTube API key from the Google Developers Console 

Enter this API key in the ‘SlideDeck Advanced Options’

YouTube API key2

STEP TWO : Creating a SlideDeck

Manage –> Dynamic Source—> Create SlideDeck

Dynamic Source Content

STEP THREE :  Source Settings – Choose YouTube in ‘Dynamic source’

Choose YouTube

STEP FOUR : Adding a Playlist

  • Enter your YouTube account’s username in the drop-down widget.
  • Your saved playlist will automatically feature in the menu. Select the playlist you wish to add to your SlideDeck.
  • You can also search any video by using the ‘Search term’ option and add it to your SlideDeck.

Add playlist


STEP FIVE :  Save SlideDeck

Once the desired playlist is added to your SlideDeck, select ‘Save SlideDeck’

Save SlideDeck

STEP SIX : Methods to Publish

Now, select one of the three ways seen in the image below to publish your SlideDeck

Publish SlideDeck

STEP SEVEN : Publish

And, Voila! Your YouTube video slider is ready.


Video Slider

You just created a YouTube video slider using SlideDeck! Drop a line in the comments section below if you have any questions.

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    Niranjan Deshak

    Hello James,

    If you have configured the Youtube API key, you should be getting the list of all active playlists in your mapped Youtube account.
    If you are able to see this list in the Youtube configuration screen, you have done the setup correctly.

    But since the existing sliders would be pointing to recent uploads unless you manually map each of the slidedeck to the respective playlist.
    Let me know if you are able to get back your sliders working by doing so, else drop me a mail at [email protected] with your site url and I will look into the problem.



    I’ve followed these instructions step by step and still cannot get YouTube videos to load into the slide since APIv3 was released.

    I have updated the plugin, created a Browser Key, etc. and still no luck.