How to Create an Instagram Slider

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Awesome Instagram photos included in a slider on your WordPress site! Sounds great, right? You do not need to be a rocket scientist to pull this off. It is absolutely easy with SlideDeck at your disposal. Here is a quick guide on how to create an Instagram slider.

STEP ONE: Choose the Dynamic Source in SlideDeck options and select ‘Create SlideDeck’

Create SlideDeck


STEP TWO: Choose Instagram in the Dynamic Source options

choose Instagram STEP THREE: Click on the Instagram icon which appears in your SlideDeck and configure your source. The Access Token is generated once you login to your Instagram account (Click on the ‘here’ hyperlink which takes you to your Instagram account) This Access Token has to be entered only once i.e. SlideDeck saves this access token every time you want to create an Instagram slider. Select ‘Apply’ after entering your username.

Instagram Access Token


STEP FOUR: All the photos in your Instagram account get added to the SlideDeck being created


Instagram Slider

STEP FIVE: Choose a lens for your slider


lenses for instagram slider

STEP SIX: There you have an amazing Instagram slider ! Save this SlideDeck and use it in your posts.

Instagram Slider

Any more questions or ideas to make an even better slider? Drop me a line in the comments below!

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    That sounds great. Will this slider be able to automatically update with new pictures added to Instagram, or is there a way to refresh it to be updated?


      Rasika Patil

      Hey Jim,
      Yes the slider will automatically update itself with new pictures added to the Instagram account 🙂
      – SlideDeck Team