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How-To Video: Create Your Own Custom SlideDeck Skin

On November 26, 20105 Comments

We recently created a short tutorial video that walks you through the process of creating your own custom SlideDeck skin. While customizing small aspects of a SlideDeck using CSS is a great start, you need to create a custom skin for ultimate control.

Here’s how you can get started:

We’ll be doing more screencasts in the future, so your feedback is key. Leave us some comments below and be heard!

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    Jason Paul

    I need to make a skin for the Smart Slidedeck and it’s proving to be impossible. My only guess is there’s a few extra steps to doing that successfully. I can’t find any documentation on how to roll a smart slidedeck skin. Definitely could use some help.



      Hi Jason – skin customization is not really supported. We can assist you a bit in understanding how things might work if you have some specific questions etc. Please post to our support forum: and a SlideDeck team member or community member will get in touch. Creating a custom skin does require a fair level of development knowledge, but then it really depends on what you want to do etc.



      Heya Jason,

      What shed light on making these is, run a folder compare with some software and see the differences between two of the existing smart templates.

      You’ll notice the main thing is, in CSS you have to name your theme, and then set each CSS accordingly using that name (look and you’ll see what I mean).

      In the skin.js, you also have to incorporate the name into parts of the js.

      I use Beyond Compare and it helped a lot looking at this side by side.

      Good luck!



    Good to get started, but screencast work better in a higher resolution 😉

    I would like to see more, but not how to create a custom CSS, I would like to know more about the javascript that goes below my slidedeck.

    Thank you



      Hi Matthias,
      Thanks for the feedback about the resolution. It’s something that we’re working on and the screen casts in the future will be higher quality.

      The JavaScript that goes below your SlideDeck for the non-WordPress version is used to initiate the deck and set options. You can see some examples of the different options here:

      See where it says “Formatting customization options”