How to set up a cloud center in WordPress with Cloudtalk?

How to set up a cloud center in WordPress with Cloudtalk?

Every business needs to communicate with its customers and be available to answer to them and also, listen to their suggestions or criticism about their service. It’s a key for good communication and making a friendly impression on your clients. Logically, if someone gets a good impression of your brand, you will earn a long-term customer! So, here’s the reason why investing in a call center for your brand is essential.

How to set up your cloud center?

Cloudtalk is a service that offers you a good cloud-based call center that you can set up in WordPress for sales and support teams. With the very professional support and good service that Cloudtalk team gives you, in a short time, you will build a steady and friendly customer relationship and get loyal clients who will only use your service!

Remember that the call center is as important as a marketing plan, promotions, or any other business essentials. People have questions all the time – offering them support and assistance will make your brand more available for your buyers. Also, every owner needs to have in mind that what you like, other people may not accept the way you do. Having a call service that Cloudtalk offers will help with business growth. Accepting their suggestions and ideas will make your brand more likable.

Setting up your call center in WordPress may sound tricky, but it’s really not – Actually, it’s quite easy and simple. You can set up your call center in WordPress in just a few minutes and be able to communicate with your customers fast!

Firstly, you need to know what kind of call center you need. There are three types of call services – Inbound, outbound, or virtual. 

  • Inbound is the perfect choice for you if you want to focus on solving customer’s problems. Helping your customers with their needs is important, and if you only want to give them support, Inbound is a match for your service. 
  • Outbound is for owners who want to call customers rather than receiving calls from them. This service is most likely used for surveys and for bettering your brand, than for assisting your customers.
  • Virtual is a combination of inbound and outbound call centers and also, virtual call services can be operated from anywhere. You could easily help your customers with their needs and questions and at the same time, calling new or old clients and doing surveys. 
  • If you choose to use Virtual or Outbound service, you should decide how you want to collect feedback. Do you want a person who will write down all the impressions you gave to your customers? Or you want to close all of your calls with a short CSAT survey? It’s up to you, but having a survey at the end of your call is definitely more effective and modern.

After choosing the type of call center you need, you need to make a plan of how your clients can contact you. Do you want an IVR or you want a self-service? It’s up to you!

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will give your customers a welcome message and menu of choices. Also, your customers will be connected with agents via the IVR system. 

For a better client experience, you need to set up your Automated Call Logic. With defined ACD your clients will be direct to the agents with the skill they require shortly. Not waiting for a long time is a big plus. 

There are few factors about setting up your ACD, you should know:

  • CMR detects high-value buyers and connects them with adequate agents.
  • Sticky agents are a great choice if you want to have the same agent all the time. All of your customers would talk to the same agent.
  • Distribution system is a combination of both – all the clients would talk to the sticky agent, and after that, the client will be connected with another agent.
  • The next thing you need to do is creating an Agents ID. Save your agent’s ID as an alphanumeric employee ID or If you have CMR use the same agent’s ID the same as CMR IDs.

You also need to define a skill group.  Some of your agents may be specialized in working for delivery problems and other ones may be labored for surveys and communication with clients. Some businesses need more types of agents and others can use only one – It depends on the business’s size, so pick wisely. Smaller businesses don’t need as many agents as big brands.

Defining the data configuration for your dialers is an important step. You should explain your data format to your dialer and the dialer will know how to find your phone number within your database.

Why should you use Cloud talk service?

We showed you how easy setting up your new call center in WordPress is – So what are you waiting for? 

If you didn’t have enough time for answering all your messages about your service on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network, a call center is a great choice for you. It’ll save you a lot of time and all of your customers will be satisfied with a good crew that works on the call center. You can also decide how long you want your call center to be open, so don’t worry – You can have night shifts if you want to. 

With a good call center, you will have insight into all the details about your customers – all the problems, needs and suggestions will be available for you to look at and be informed about your brand statistics.

Final thought 

Cloud talk is the service you need – forget about old ways of communicating with your customers. The call center is used for a long time, but it’s never out of fashion and is also the most effective way for communication. It was used for ages and people would rather call and get their answer immediately, than wait for hours to get an answer via social networks or email. If you want your brand to get bigger, you should think smart and invest in things that will make your brand better tomorrow. 

Don’t forget to set up your Cloud talk cloud center today and contact them if you need more help with the service.