SlideDeck has a lot of options that we’ve included, giving you the power to customize your deck. In this video I walk you through the correct way to format these options and the effects that some of these options have on your deck. My colleague Dairien has created some examples that use some of these customization options, and I’ve posted in the past about setting up your first SlideDeck.
Note that this example video applies to SlideDeck for jQuery and not SlideDeck for WordPress.

I don’t go over any of the advanced options as they can be tricky to grasp and are better suited to an example file. In the future we’ll be distributing SlideDeck with more examples and these will showcase some of the more powerful options.

Let me know what you thought of the video, and leave and feedback/requests in the comment section below. Thanks!

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  1. Desiree
    Desiree says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for this excellent tutorial!
    You do certainly have a talent for teaching and are able to relate on a level for those of us with less experience than yourself. I would love to see more tutorials (many more) by you on any topic related to web design & development!
    Thanks for taking the time to explain this so clearly.

  2. Jhan
    Jhan says:

    You’re a great teacher, thank you. My question is concerning the way Slidedeck obtains video content.
    I know it can display content from Youtube and other web sources, but is it possible to have Slidedeck play videos that are stored in individual folders on my own server? If so, how would I code it to do that?
    P.S. The site indicated above is soon to be replaced. My new WordPress site, with Slidedeck plugin, is not yet published.


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