If you haven’t got the chance to be familiar with it yet, conversion rate optimization, also known as CRO, is a process that helps you enhance the conversion percentage from a mobile app or a website. Basically, CRO comprises creating ideas for such elements that can be boosted and authenticated through multivariate testing and A/B testing.

Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization

Running a WooCommerce website seems so pleasing until you come across higher abandonment rates, increasing bounce rates, declining conversions, decreasing traffics, along with several other problems. And then, the entire process becomes nothing less than a nightmare.

In a scenario where you might get stuck, conversion rate optimization can turn out to be a vital procedure. Not just you can decrease the customer acquisition costs with CRO but can also increase the value from website visitors and existing customers.

With a perfect conversion rate optimization, increasing revenue and acquiring more customers can really become a cakewalk.

When it comes to implementing CRO, renowned companies are always on the run to iterate and improve their websites for better user experience.

So, where does your WooCommerce store stands? Don’t worry; there’s always a way out. Thanks to the availability of CRO tools, executing this process doesn’t take many efforts anymore. One such tool that will be reviewed in this post is HumCommerce.

This acclaimed tool surely has a lot to offer you. So, let’s dive in and know more about its features.

What is HumCommerce?

HumCommerce is just a simple tool which is equipped with wonderful features. Specifically designed for eCommerce stores, this tool can help you keep a tab on visitor navigation on your website. Not just that, but it can even help you optimizing conversion rate in several ways.

Whether your store is still in the initial stages of growth or is completely established, the use of this tool can surely not be neglected in either situation.

Primary Features of HumCommerce

This one tool, designed by a team of software engineers and eCommerce business owners, is integrated with several helpful features. Here is the detailed explanation of primary features:

Visitor Sessions Recording

HumCommerce visitor session recordings

With an influx of traffic, there are several doubts and queries that may erupt in your mind as well. How are people using the website? What is it that they like the most? Which page is intriguing them out of all? And more such questions may home your mind.

If not the perfect, at least an adequate answer can be obtained from the visitor sessions recording feature of this tool. This set of features comprises user actions on the website, full session recordings along with the users’ flow.

Based on this data, making tweaks and changes to the website will become easier. In this way, you’ll be able to find pain points present on your website and optimize them for better conversion outputs.

Visitor Heatmaps

HumCommerce click heatmap

Visitor heatmaps are one such feature that can dig into the hidden insights and can present raw data in front of you to be used in several effective ways. This feature can help you keep a tab on where your visitors are clicking, moving their cursors, and to which extent they are scrolling on a page.

Heat maps make assessing visitors’ interaction in an easy way. You’ll get to figure out how your audience is engaging with your website. It provides you clicks analyzation, mouse movement, along with scroll data for each page individually.

Thus, with the help of this data, optimizing the website can be done quickly. If you’ll keep their requirements and in mind and offer what really your customers require, increasing conversions wouldn’t be tough anymore.

eCommerce Funnels

HumCommerce e-commerce sales funnel

If you’d really studied and researched well before starting your own WooCommerce store, chances are you’d know every bit of sales funnel by now. If not, then this is the kind of funnel that measures the journey of an individual from being your website visitor to turning into a customer.

However, this journey isn’t that easy as there are several steps. Thus, setting up an eCommerce funnel is quite an important task to understand how your customers manage to walk through the very end of the funnel.

Further, this feature lets you have an idea of the percentage of people who are leaving in between and abandoning your website.

Moreover, if you already have a funnel, you can analyze it with this feature to deduct mistakes. And then, optimizing will be nothing less than a finger snapping.

A/B Testing

AB testing

A/B testing is, indeed, one such feature that lets you be ahead of your competitors by fulfilling the exact requirements of your audience. Everybody wants to work according to what the target customers want, isn’t it?

And, A/B testing is the perfect feature to execute the same. Mainly, this one feature is meant to help you compare two different versions of one web page, with different layouts and color combinations. The analyzation is done by the live traffic.

Thus, in a way, you leave everything on your target audience. In the end, you can choose the design that got more traffic and appreciation. Hence, by doing this, you’d be able to increase conversions and generate sales.

Other Features

Apart from these above-mentioned primary features, HumCommerce also provides something more than you might expect. In this tool, you can find features, like Search Engine Keywords, Form Analytics, Conversion Attribution, Custom Reports, Site Search Insights, Automated Insights, Crawling Errors, Days to Conversion, Category Performance, Visitor Log, Sales Performance by User Location, Sales Performance by Traffic Sources, Sales Performance by Product and much more can be found in the list.

Why Should You Use HumCommerce?

No doubt, the tool is very advantageous in terms of features and uses. However, there are more aspects of HumCommerce that would compel you to use it right away.


When it comes to analyzing the usability of this tool, HumCommerce is a comprehensive pack that helps you collect a variety of data. Not just it can track almost everything but can even analyze the data for conversion optimization.


Interface-wise, this tool is an easy-peasy walk, just like some other considerable tool, such as Google Analytics, and more. Even if you aren’t a pro in handling advanced tools, learning HumCommerce wouldn’t take a lot of time, thanks to its intuitive user interface. On top of that, it even comes with precise instructions, making your task even easier.

Within the Pocket Reach

Just the mere mention of an advanced conversion rate optimization tool sends a chill to those who aren’t working with a lot of budget in hand. If you are one from that lot, HumCommerce would fit your pocket perfectly.

This tool comes with a lifelong free subscription. If you don’t have enough budget, you can simply use the free version. However, features would be restricted. Furthermore, when it comes to premium versions, even the prices are set considerably.
There are three different options for you, such as Beginner, Pro, and Business, which is priced at $9, $49, $99 respectively.

Grace Period

HumCommerce understands the importance as well as the exhilaration that one can experience while receiving a higher amount of website traffic. Although every package comes with a limited number of page views, even if you exceed your limit, the tool doesn’t stop your service immediately.

On the contrary, HumCommerce provides you a grace period within which you can improve your subscription plan with ease. Thus, along with advantageous features, this tool even provides a better understanding and cooperation with its users.

How to Install HumCommerce?

Just like using, even installing HumCommerce is an easy job. Once you have signed up on the website and bought this tool, which you can do by using any major debit card, credit card, or even a PayPal account, you get two different ways to integrate this tool with your WooCommerce website.

For Developers

If you are a developer and well-aware of every bit of technical tools, you can integrate HumCommerce with JavaScript code on the website to begin using its features. You’d have to installed and configured heatmaps, eCommerce tracking, experiments, session analytics, and form analytics individually. You can even get clear information on the dashboard in the Get Started section.

For Non-developers

If you’re not a developer, the process can be simpler for you. By installing and activating the HumCommerce WordPress plugin, you can get started with this tool just within a few minutes.


Of course, there are innumerable conversion rate optimization tools available out there, but each one of them might lag in one or the other way. Some might not provide you with an entire set of comprehensible features, while others might be priced very high.
So, as far as HumCommerce is concerned, not just it is packed with several amazing and efficient features but can even be used without spending a penny from the pocket. So, if you want, you can begin using this tool free of cost. And, once everything is settled, you can buy the premium version accordingly to experiment with more features.

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