Importance Of Homepage Sliders And How To Create Beautiful Sliders

Importance Of Homepage Sliders And How To Create Beautiful Sliders

While surfing through the internet or navigating websites, you must have come across such platforms that would have used homepage sliders in some or the other way, isn’t it? Out of a variety of different elements, this one looks so intriguing that everyone wishes to implement the same on their websites. You being one of them, right?

By displaying an attractive and striking slider on your homepage, you can seamlessly manage to grab the attention of your visitors and can also bring a considerable positive change in your conversion rate. Apart from that, there’s a handful of other advantages that a slider can provide you.

This post is going to uncover the importance of a homepage slider and how you can create one for your website. Scroll down and have a read.

What Is a Slider?

Homepage Sliders

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Also known as a carousel, an image slider is one of the most popular features, specifically on homepages. Basically, it’s a slideshow that comprises images, videos, and text that may either scroll automatically or let visitors take charge.

These sliders can be placed anywhere on the website, preferably homepage and landing page. It’s with an intention to get more traffic and conversion rate.

Importance of Homepage Sliders:

More Information in Less Space:

Along with business websites, come great responsibilities. And, for your site to run adequately, you must be familiar with the importance of space conservation. One of the obvious reasons why people choose a homepage slider is because this element lets them display more content, be it company USPs or product information, in lesser space. Mainly, this activity can be useful when it comes to communicating better with the target audience.

Visual Appeal of Homepage Sliders Matters Too:

If you believe the psychological aspects, you may find it interesting to know that people get more attracted to visual media in comparison with text. And moreover, with excessive popularity of social media platforms, human brains have become trained enough to gravitate towards pictures. Therefore, your website visitors would prefer looking at more images, and a slider can help you obtain this goal without causing any trouble.

Attention to Call-to-Action Buttons:

The vitality of call-to-action (CTA) buttons is undeniable. And, with a slider on the homepage, not just you can display your best-selling products but can also place CTAs at visible areas. Better of all, placing all of the CTAs above the fold is more beneficial. In this way, diverting visitors’ attention towards these buttons will become easier, and you’ll be able to get more traction on other web pages.

Keeps Visitors Engaged:

Another substantial importance of a slider is that it helps to grab visitors’ attention and to keep them hooked for a longer period of time. When someone stumbles upon your homepage, they may stick around to discover all of your slides. And, maybe scroll through other pages as well. This generally happens if you’ve kept your first slide beautiful and attractive. Off course your content as well need to be engaging. Using a good keyword tool for research and content writing is highly recommended.

Best to Showcase E-commerce Products:

Another essential aspect of displaying a slider on the homepage is that you can let your visitors know the kind of products that you’re offering. Whether it’s about a product that’s selling the most or something that you’ve launched recently, a slider can fit all of your requirements. Also, you can use this element to communicate deals, offers, and discounts that are currently running over your products.

Homepage Slider Examples:

Since a few years, modern sliders have gone through beyond the necessary evolution. Today, even well-known and prestigious brand, like Spotify, Microsoft, Squarespace, and more are embellishing their websites with stunning sliders. Of course, contemporary sliders can be stunning as well. They can feature gorgeous imagery – usually with high definition photographs, along with thoughtfully placed CTAs and well-crafted copywriting.

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the stunning examples of homepage sliders that you can assess to get an idea.

Homepage Slider at Microsoft:

Homepage Sliders

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With the homepage slider, Microsoft is sticking with the basic principle of designing. It comprises only two different slides that have dark and light imagery, simple CTAs, and contrasting typography colours. Two things that make this slider stand out from the rest is the accessibility and the pause button.

Another example:


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While tabbing through slider elements allow you to control it entirely with a keyboard, a pause button indicates that you can stop the slider any time you want. Simple and clean, it’s undoubtedly one of the well-designed sliders.

Slider Homepage Ideas from Lonely Planet:

Homepage Sliders

What exactly can you do if you have an abundance of high-quality photographs and you cannot upload all of them? Exactly, you create a slideshow and display the best from the lot. When you visit Lonely Planet’s homepage, you’ll come across a mesmerizing slider covering varied topics.

You’ll find trekking road, gorgeous castle, picturesque sceneries, and much more. The text has been crafted carefully and placed smarty as well. Each slide comes with a preview at the bottom and text on the image. What works for this slider is that it’s completely full-screen. Each slide is covering the entire page, along with the header navigation and company logo Design.

Lamborghini’s Best Homepage Design Hero Slider:

Homepage Sliders

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Another beautiful example is that of the Lamborghini website. Its homepage slider is using high-resolution images to display their car models. Although car images seem to be good, however, the auto-playing function of these luxury sports cars is even surprising.

For website visitors, this entire hero slideshow creates a visually spectacular filmic experience. It’s simple and elegant. Plus, it provides what visitors actually want to see. And, that would be the best of their luxury cars.

Xbox Homepage Design Idea:

Homepage Sliders

When talking about the Xbox homepage slider, you can ensure a combination of simplicity and attractiveness. This slider comprises three different sliders that have been used to let people know about what’s latest in their inventory.

And then, their CTA button colour matches well with the background. The text is standing out as well. They have provided three icons below that you can use to jump from one slide to another. Also, there’s a pause button beside those small circles, so you can pause and play the slider whenever you want.

Using SlideDeck to Create Stunning Homepage Sliders:

Now that it’s clear how a homepage slider can be advantageous for you and your brand altogether, you might want to look around with the intention of obtaining one such plugin that can help fulfil your requirements, isn’t it?

Amidst a gamut of WordPress plugins available out there, the state of confusion is quite apparent. Keeping everything aside, here’s one of the fastest growing and considerable plugins that you can use – SlideDeck. Let’s continue and know more about its advanced features.

What Is SlideDeck?

Homepage Sliders

This one is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you create and publish different types of responsive sliders on the website. Equipped with a variety of editing options and styles, this plugin ensures that the end result is marvellous and hooking for your visitors.

With this plugin, you can expect a variety of advanced features. Moreover, the installation and usage aspects are even easier with SlideDeck. So, whether you’re a newbie or a professional, handling and managing this plugin wouldn’t be a tough task for you.

SlideDeck Features:

Being a hot-choice among WordPress users these days, SlideDeck makes sure that you don’t feel lack of any essential features. Here’s an extensive list of what you’ll get packed with this tool:

Different Slider Designs:

Homepage Sliders

By using this plugin, you can seamlessly integrate different types of content to your homepage slider. Be it uploading images or adding videos; there’s no dearth of options that you can use to communicate well with your website visitors.

Not just that, but SlideDeck also allows you to add blog posts to your sliders. Therefore, if you wish to pass on valuable content to your visitors, the procedure for the same would be hassle-free. And then, if you don’t wish to upload anything, you can also export media content from external sources and display in your slider.

Completely Responsive Plugin:

Keeping in mind that the half of your visitors would be using smartphones and other similar devices, you’d have to ensure that your website sliders appear to be the same for every person, isn’t it? Don’t worry, SlideDeck takes care of this aspect as well.

It’s a mobile-friendly and responsive plugin. Thus, it SlideDeck makes sure that none of your visitors feels dejected when it comes to assessing through stunning elements of your website.

Customization Options for Website Slideshows:

Homepage Sliders

What’s the use of displaying a slider if you cannot alter or customize it as per your own requirements, isn’t it? For that to happen, it’s quite essential that you select such a plugin that provides you with complete customization freedom.

With SlideDeck, customization comes as a breeze. Right from the transition to fonts, interactions, navigation, effects, and much more can be edited to match your convenience. You can also alter image size, accent colour, content hyphenation, position, and many other elements.

Different Lenses Options:

Another significant feature that SlideDeck comes with is the variety of lenses. These lenses work as a theme to your attractive sliders. You can use this element to improve the entire appearance of sliders. Whether you wish to create a slider with a professional touch or sassy, with these lenses, everything can be done easily.

Not just these pre-customized lenses, but you can also create your personal ones with JavaScript, PHP, and CSS coding.

How to Set Up SlideDeck?

As mentioned above, installing and using SlideDeck is like walking on an easy-peasy road. All you’d have to do is buy the plugin or download from, upload, and activate it on your WordPress website.

Once done, you can then control the entire setup of the plugin. Right from editing the back and front cover to publishing and un-publishing sliders on the website, everything is meant to save efforts and time for you.

Creating Sliders with SlideDeck:

Once you’re done installing and activating the plugin, follow these steps to begin your journey:

  • Visit SlideDeck option available on the WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Manage section
  • Click on New Slider option

And, that’s pretty much it. From there, you can create and publish your sliders the way you’d like.

SlideDeck Pricing:

SlideDeck is available in both premium and free versions. If you think that you can work out easily with certain limitations to editing and customizing options, you can simply get the plugin from WordPress inventory or download on your website.

However, if you’d like to use the premium option, then this plugin comes with two different plans, annual and lifetime. While the former would cost you $47/year, you can get the latter one by paying $247 for one time.

Pros of Using SlideDeck:

If you’re still sceptical, you must know that you’ll be up for innumerable advantages if you’re going to use SlideDeck to create sliders for your WordPress websites. Some of the pros include:

  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Create different styles of sliders
  • Manual uploading
  • External source uploading
  • Customization options
  • Freedom to add the slider anywhere on the website
  • Responsive plugin
  • Prebuilt slider templates
  • Free updates & support for one year
  • Use on unlimited websites

Wrapping Up:

Considering the popularity that sliders are gaining, more and more websites are behind adding this element to their pages somehow. With SlideDeck, not just you can display a slider on your homepage but anywhere on the website, including posts. Also, it’s got a hurdle-free interface as well.

Moreover, using a slider comes with a whole lot of advantages, a higher conversion rate being the best of it. For sure, you wouldn’t want your visitors to leave without getting impressed, right? So, if you’re ready to create your own slider and publish it on the homepage of your website, begin the procedure today with SlideDeck and achieve your goals effortlessly.

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