Importance of product slider on your WooCommerce store

Importance of product slider on your WooCommerce store

Which is the first plugin that comes to your mind for eCommerce integration in WordPress? WooCommerce, right? People are creating an online presence for their small business using this platform. It is ruling an approximate of 22% of the online market, with 1 million eCommerce websites.
Keeping in mind the efficiency WooCommerce provides to business people as far as experimenting is concerned, a majority of people keep adding some or the other type of aspects on the site to make it look more attractive. And, amongst all of these things, product slider is one important element that is appealing most of the site users and helps site owners to grab user’s attention.
At the end of the day, everybody intends to aim their efforts into one single objective; and that’s to gain more conversion. WooCommerce has made the entire process of running an online market easier. Inevitably, it comes with a comprehensive list of inbuilt features. However, you would only be scratching the surface if you aren’t diving deep inside the possibilities. Whether you have an attractive landing page, strong call to action buttons, well-written content, or anything else; adding sliders on an online store can enhance its appearance tremendously. So what are we waiting for, let’s dive in!
In this post, you’ll get familiar with the importance of product sliders and how you can make the best out of them. Scroll down and have a read.

Importance of Product Slider:

When it comes to assessing the importance of product sliders, there are several factors that should be kept in mind to make a better judgment. So, here are some of the ways through which a product slider can help you out for good.

  • Highlight Featured products:

You already know the customer’s time is precious. Imagine a scenario where your customer wanted to check, a Coffee mug, but he has to scroll through the whole site to find it. Wouldn’t he be delighted to see it on the home page, right? Just one click and the customer would have the product in the cart.
For your visitors to understand what you’re offering, it’s essential to highlight the most selling or featured products on your home page. This will enhance user engagement on your site. The lesser clicks will have a direct impact on your revenue.

  • Give the site deals the importance they deserve

Believe it or not, it’s one of the best ways to showcase deals running on site. The customer may miss out on offers running on site. Considering that, a slider lets you display several offers at once, you get to have the convincing power in your hands. With a product slider, you can showcase the same offers again to remind visitors.
You can add deal slider on your category pages, where the customer is already interested to check products on your sites. A slider at bottom of page or sidebar will increase the chances of conversion.
For example, If you have some offer for Christmas, you must emphasize it on your site. This creates a sense of urgency in the customer’s head. It will not just help your customers decide better, but they wouldn’t hesitate to return to your online store, knowing that they will definitely get offers there.

  • Display related products:

The consumers are always looking out for something familiar and catchy. In a trending environment, the visitor tries to make a decision in a few minutes. Accelerate on cart value by showing related product on product pages
And, when talking about product sliders, they are more than just showing featured products. As a store owner, you can show suggestions for related products.

  • Assure your customers by adding testimonials or reviews:

Sliders play an important role when it comes to adding beautiful visual content on the website. Not just the image sliders, but text also.
Any customer would check at least two-three alternatives before making a decision. Testimonial slider gives assurance to viewers about existing loyal customers of the store.

Different Examples of Product Sliders:

Are you out of ideas for displaying your WooCommerce product slider in a cool way? Don’t fret out. Here are some of the cool examples that will fill you up with creativity and innovation.

If you visit this brand website, you’ll come across an intriguing slider right at the landing page that introduces you to some of their featured products. They’ve placed their slider right below the hero image. Hence, there’s no way anyone can miss it.
The round blue circle on the screen allows you to drag and drop the slides so that you can navigate through them conveniently. If not, there are simple white colored arrows at the below as well. Something similar also displays on their product pages, giving you suggestions for clothes that can fit you well.

Not just one, but you can come across a variety of attractive sliders on this popular online store. The first thing you’re greeted with when you land upon their homepage, is a slider filled with the latest deals, sales, and coupons.
Although this slider is automated, however, eBay has provided simple arrows at the end of both directions so that users can move from one slider to another seamlessly. And then, you can also find a pause button at the right end corner of the slider. This can be used to stop the slides from moving whenever you want.

When counting upon attractive and pleasing looking sliders, you cannot just miss upon this one. It’s a huge, striking and gorgeous slider that shows a variety of flowers quite elegantly. Along with the drag interface to navigate, the website also has a button at the right end corner that displays what’s the next slide about.
The mixture of professional photography and minimal UI design complement the entire slider quite well. As you scroll, the appearing and fading of the text are what provide the whole thing a classy touch.
Introducing SlideDeck: A Perfect WooCommerce Slider Plugin:

One of the simplest ways of creating a WooCommerce featured products slider is by using a relevant plugin that would help you accomplish a variety of things as well as goals. In such a scenario, SlideDeck is one such plugin that is being considered by a majority of people. So, if you’re ready to use a plugin to create pleasing sliders for your online store, this tool could be the perfect thing to rely upon. Let’s take the plunge and know more about its features and other factors.
The Basics of SlideDeck:
Being a responsive slider plugin, SlideDeck assists you in adding fantastic sliders to your website, irrespective of the type, to make it look more visually appealing. With this plugin, you can execute a planned strategy when it comes to the type of slider you’d want to display on your website. Not just that, but you can also customize the content so as to make it look relevant to the slider.
Out of all the advantages that it has, being responsive is something that intrigues a majority of users. Having said that, no matter what browser or device your visitors are using to access the website, a slider created by SlideDeck will appear similar to all.
Additionally, there are a plethora of amazing features that come along with this tool. So, let’s begin the discussion of some of its best features that can help you to a great extent.
Considerable Features of SlideDeck:
Here’s a list of the best from the rest for you:

  • Lenses:

SlideDeck lets you access a variety of lenses that you can use to enhance the entire appearance of sliders. They help you create the outlook for the slider. Be it professional, simple, funny, or informal, it all simply depends upon your requirements. Accordingly, you can choose a thumbnail for the lens from the given options.

  • Setup:

Installing, activating, and setting up SlideDeck is as easy as the cakewalk. While the customization options provide more control over the slider, editing options like image size, slide numbers, front cover, back cover, mouse hover, and all help you establish it more seamlessly. Furthermore, you can also schedule your sliders to save time and efforts.

  • Multiple Types of Content:

One of the best things about SlideDeck that makes it stand apart from the rest of the plugins is that it supports a variety of content options. Right from the text, images, videos, to GIFs, you can display almost anything you’d like. Adding more to it, it also supports HTML content. So, things are in your hand completely. Either you can create a slider with all images sliders or can add different things on different slides.

  • Live Preview:

As you work on creating new slides, you surely would look out for ways to make it better and perfect, right? To fulfil just that wish, SlideDeck comes integrated with a Live Preview option. With this, you can see the preview of your slides right on the dashboard so as to see how they’re going to appear as on the front end. Whether you’re dragging the slides around or changes the style of it, you can see everything on the live slider. It will make sure that nothing looks less than perfect to your visitors.

  • Methods to Create:

The entire purpose behind developing this plugin is to ensure that you don’t waste your time or efforts merely setting up your WordPress product slider. Owing to this, SlideDeck provides you different methods of creating a slider. If you’re fine with doing everything manually, you can simply upload images as well as videos or anything else on the slides. If not, you also get an option to export from external websites. That would make the entire process easier, isn’t it?
SlideDeck Add-ons:
For newbies, who’ve just started out their online store journeys, the free version of SlideDeck would be more than sufficient. However, if you’re looking forward to having something more than that, you can buy its pro version, costing $47/year and $247/lifetime.
In case you’re choosing the latter option, you can gain access to a variety of add-ons that might be missing in the free version. Some of them including:

  • Import / Export Slider:

This specific add-on lets you import or export sliders that are created and published on different websites. Or, you can also use this add-on for sharing a slider with somebody else. The option of export slider creates a JSON file that you’d have to import in another WordPress website that would be using the Import slider option. And, your job would be done. If this add-on isn’t available in your developer’s license, you can buy it separately at a cost of $9.

  • Scheduler Add-on:

Just as the name suggests, you can schedule your slides with this add-on. Neither you’d have to set reminders to do so, nor you’d have to sit and complete the posting manually. This add-on can automatically publish as well as stop a slider as per the setup. This one can be bought separately as well by spending an amount of $11.

  • Lead Generation Add-on:

Next on the list is this useful add-on that can make placing CTA buttons on the slides a possible thing. As soon as visitors would land on the slider, they’d be attracted to these buttons. Therefore, this add-on can be beneficial in keeping the visitors engaged and boosting the conversion rate.
When you ponder upon finding the successful plugins available in the market, you must know that they primarily focus upon enabling users to acquire the kind of output as imagined. And, SlideDeck is the perfect tool for you if you wish to embellish your online store with attractive sliders.
With a myriad of features and ease of using, this plugin has a lot to offer. So, now is the time to create a strategy for displaying sliders. And then, you can simply get this plugin to turn your vision into reality.