Why are brands opting for influencer marketing strategy in 2018?

influencer marketing strategy

The last couple of years have seen the rise of bloggers, micro-bloggers, and social media stars. They influence the lives of millions each day by the way they dress, do their makeup, engage in physical activities, eat, sleep and even possibly breathe! They are the social media influencers, who have the power to inspire and influence millions across the world.

Aside from building their brand that millions follow, they had been attracting marketers from renowned lifestyle brands, activewear brands, food and FMCG brands for highly unique reasons. However, over the last couple of months, the world is seeing the rise of social media influencer-entrepreneurs and different influencer marketing strategy.

Social media influencers are quickly becoming the owner and marketer of their products. This includes Gig Hasid’s new Maybelline lip wear, Kyle Jenner’s makeup range, and Alexis Ren’s active range – REN Active. The digital talent has been taking over the world of business and marketing for all the right reasons. 

Here are top reasons why influencer marketing strategy is better than traditional marketing:

  1. Brands can access ready-to-access customer base by using influencer marketing strategy
    Social media entrepreneurs already have their dedicated followers. Therefore, launching new products, even with an endorsement from bigger lifestyle brands give them a certain edge that other new brands do not have – visibility. Almost all existing social media influencers, including the ones we have mentioned above, have millions of followers each. This provides lucrative marketing and branding opportunities to new businesses as well as market veterans. They have millions of potential users just waiting for exploration. As a result, in the past couple of years, an entire global network of social media influencer agents, media networks, marketing agencies and brand consultants have evolved significantly.This gives a brand noteworthy power over their customer bases. They can see which customers are clicking on the new products, which products and campaigns are getting most likes and which campaigns are drawing in most ROI. It is no wonder that most eminent branding agencies and digital marketing agencies are considering using social influencer marketing to power their oncoming product campaigns. You can think of these influencers are the 21st century Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey, since they are also using their media popularity to create reputable brands around their projected lifestyles.  
  2. Organic content boosts engagement
    Social media websites like Instagram and Facebook have been providing new advertising opportunities to marketers and advertisers across the globe. However, the latest incidents of data debacles have increased user concern over sponsored content and the data they have access to. Some experts predict a huge backlash from the user community, who serve as the target groups of the sponsored ads. Brands that are already trying to find smarter alternatives to sponsored advertisements are leaning towards influencer marketing.
    Influencers bring an element of trust that sponsored content lacks. The same message, delivered by influencers has better reach and elicit more positive responses as compared to paid advertisements. Instagram Stories provides a brilliant way to market new content. This photo blogging website has dedicated users, and the presence of social media influencers is most prominent on this platform. The presence of analytics options for Instagram marketing allows the influencers and their agents to monitor user engagement in almost real-time. This can also help them understand the relative performance of their content and product as compared to their competitors.

  3. Gated content collects more information
    Another way to engage new users and expand your user database is by using the gated content. Several social media influencers cum bloggers like Neil Patel have their blogging platforms, but at the same time, they rely on YouTube to publish gated video content. Gated content refers to content that the marketer offers the user in exchange for some actionable data like user email address, contact number or subscription agreement.
    The introduction of gated content in the realm of social media marketing through influencers has been boosting customer database of new companies, building a strong brand image and helping in the mass introduction of new products with the help of already popular social media celebs.

  4. It’s not about fame!
    Instagram is one of the leading platforms for influencer marketing and social media entrepreneurs, but that does not necessarily mean that it is the right platform for you. There is incredible competition, and your new brand might fare better on some other lesser exploited platform with fewer influencers. You can think about leveraging LinkedIn, Medium and Blogger for static content, YouTube for video content and Twitter for cross-promotion of the content.Successful influencer marketing has a lot to do with correct strategizing and not just followership. For example – smaller, local brands often benefit from employing micro-influencers. If you fall within this group of influencers, you can capitalize this USP to promote local brands and indie products that need a niche following.

    Influencer marketing and social media entrepreneurship are associated with each other. Start by forging strong relationships with your endorsers and maintain your trustworthy relationship with your followers.

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