How to setup Invite User Feature in WordPress?

How to setup Invite User Feature in WordPress?

Do you want to restrict any strangers/intruder from entering your blog?

UserPro plugin enables you to only allow invited people to sign up and get registered to your site. Only the ones who get the email invite from you/admin would be able to register to your site. This way you can make your site fully private and secure.

In this tutorial, we will take you through a quick walkthrough on how to setup invite user feature in WordPress.

Setting up Invite User feature in WordPress:-

First, you need to install and activate the UserPro Plugin. For more details, check this how to install a plugin in WordPress.

Upon activation, you need to visit UserPro » Invite User to configure the plugin settings.

Setup Invitation Based Registration

Invite user

Now you need to make settings under Invite Users Settings

Set Yes option to allow only invited users to register on your site. Once you enable this setting, users won’t be able to see the registration form.

You can also make changes to the Invite users email template as per your requirement .


Invite template

Once done, you need to Save the settings.

Now click Invite Users tab below and enter the email addresses you want to send an invite to, separated by a comma and click Invite Button.

Email invite

As soon as you click on Invite button, invited user/users will get the email with a link to register.

Email invite - UserPro

Setup Invite User Widget

The registered users can also invite other users/friends for registration from the frontend.

The Invite User widget will be displayed in the sidebar, once you enable the “Allow only invited users to register” in the backend settings of UserPro plugin.

To do this, Go to UserPro » Invite User » Allow only invited users to register.  Set this option “Yes” to show the invite users widget on the frontend of your website.

To enable the widget, Go to Appearance »Widgets » Userpro invite users » Drag and Drop the Invite User Widget into the Widget Area.

Sidebar - UserPro

And you are ready with Invite User feature for your WordPress site.

I hope this article helped you setup invite user feature in WordPress. It’s an awesome way to share your things with specific people or friends on your own website and keep it private.

You might also want to check out the article on how to create a member directory in WordPress.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments.

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