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JoSlider – A SlideDeck Joomla Module

On October 27, 20106 Comments

We’ve had many requests to extend SlideDeck to the Joomla CMS. It’s always been on our list within the development roadmap, but let’s just say it’s a long list! Fortunately, we were contacted several months ago by a Matthieu Barbe of CCC. He had already made great progress with a Joomla module and was working nicely within the guidelines of the GPL license. The result is JoSlider, a freshly minted Joomla module for SlideDeck available to all!

Supports Any Joomla Content Type and is Compatitle with SlideDeck Pro!
The module supports the use of content from a specific Joomla Content Type, which can be further filtered by a category. JoSlider is delivered with SlideDeck Lite. If you are a current SlideDeck Pro user, you can apply the Pro library to the module. If you are not yet a Pro user, you can purchase Pro and then upload the JavaScript files to the JoSlider directory.  The plugin allows you to specify a location for your copy of SlideDeck pro. Once this is done, you’ll be able to use the Pro features like Cufon support and removal of the SlideDeck branding.

The expected settings for animation speed, width, height and vertical slides are all available. Matthieu has gone through the trouble of adding some features that are a bit more advanced.

Here’s the full list:

  • Selection of Content Type/Section/Category for slide content.
  • Ordering of items, including random ordering.
  • Show/hide/exclusively show front page items.
  • Assign the HTML ID attribute of the SlideDeck.
  • Set the maximum number of slides shown.
  • Set the width/height/animation speed.
  • Choose one of the 6 included skins!
  • Ability to choose the start slide.
  • Options to toggle the following: Mouse Wheel Scrolling/Keyboard Navigation/Active Corner/Hide Spines/Auto Play/Auto Play Cycle.
  • You can even set CSS files for specific versions of Internet Explorer.

Pro Features:

  • Cufon font support.
  • Removal of branding/SlideDeck Logo.
  • Setting to control display/format of index numbers, eg: A,B,C,D instead of 1,2,3,4

It’s really great to see a member of the community put so much effort into a SlideDeck Plugin. Thanks to Matthieu, the Joomla community can now easily benefit from the powerful features of SlideDeck.

JoSlider Demo page and download Link

Note: We are in no way affiliated with JoSlider and are not able to support this module.

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    is there a module for Joomla 2.5 ???



    problem display slidedeck on template created by Artisteer, on joomla 1.5.22 !!???



      Hi Malek

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer support for Joomla – you’ll probably have more luck contacting the creator of Artisteer. Sorry we can’t help more!




    problème, d’affichage du slidedeck sur mon template créer par artisteer !!???


    shiv narayan

    where to keep this module in JA_purity module. i tried to install this module on my site it was working fine. but in JA_purity template it was disturbing the structure of site.