Launching a WordPress website surely seems to be an exciting experience. After all, you’re going to establish your brand online and expose your products or services to a wider range of audience. Along with it, there are several other benefits that you’re going to reap. Fascinating, isn’t it? However, to tell you the truth, not every other person would be sailing in the same boat. For a majority of them, before launch WordPress website,  the entire process of launching a website is nothing less than a headache. The reason behind this hassle can be many.

Right from the inability to perform certain tasks to less knowledge of specific aspects, there are several factors that may push you towards a road full of obstacles. Hence, it’s always recommended to have a basic but profound knowledge before you launch your website.

Don’t worry! Here’s everything you should be knowing before launch WordPress website


  • Being Content with your Website Content:


Regardless of the Domain Registrars, you’re operating in, once you’ve spread your brand’s presence online, you’d have to be extra cautious with the kind of content you’ll be putting through. Right from proofreading to assessing page links and deleting dummy content there are several things that you can do to serve your purpose.

Furthermore, if you are using audios, images, and videos, then make sure that these files are compatible with your site and don’t pose any hiccups while playing. For the images, compression is recommended to save unnecessary space usage.

And then, as far as videos are concerned, you must make sure that you’re embedding them from an external link, such as YouTube, etc.; instead of uploading directly. This practice can inevitably slow down your website altogether.


  • Responsiveness Matters the Most:


On the internet, it’s quite obvious that your brand is going to get exposure even to such kind of an audience that was out of your reach otherwise. Therefore, it’s important to keep their requirements and search behaviors in mind.

The fact that you must engrave in your mind is that not your entire audience is going to surf through one browser or one kind of a device. Hence, you must make your website responsive on every major browser, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox and more.

Moreover, don’t forget the mobile compatibility factor. By making your website mobile-friendly, not just you’ll be catering to the needs of your customers and satisfying them but would also be enhancing your search engine ranking.


  • Keep Everything In-Check:


Once you’ve made your website live, your entire concentration than would be on promoting the site and redirecting visitors to it. In such a scenario, if your visitors come across some glitches or problems, they are going to abandon it and how.

Therefore, even before you think of going live, make sure that you are double-checking on every aspect of it. See whether your site is working on different browsers or not. If you have formed on your site, make sure that the data is being submitted correctly.

Since you’re new in the market, you’d have to ensure that you get proper feedback from your visitors. And for that, you’d have to set your emails adequately. If you cannot spend enough time replying, you can take help from auto-responders. Make sure that the functionality and the speed of the site are accurate. Similarly, just like these, there would be several aspects that would require your attention.


  • SEO Can Be Handled Through Plugins:


Even if you’re new to the business website realm, you would still be familiar with the importance of search engine optimization, right? If yes, then you must have also acknowledged suggestions regarding how important it is to have an SEO expert by your side.

But, what if you don’t want an expert or can’t afford one right now? Don’t worry, you can easily make a way out of this situation. With WordPress, you can make use of a plenty of plugins that are proficient in SEO tasks.

Just like that, you can even find a plugin that can help you execute basic SEO. One such plugin is Yoast SEO. It helps you optimize taglines, titles, images, and some other elements. Hence, you wouldn’t require an SEO expert, at least not when you’re just starting off.


  • Prepare 404 Error:


Although it’s already recommended to review everything before you launch WordPress website. And, let’s assume that you have even checked every link and it’s all working fine. But, since your website is a newcomer in the market, what if people find it a bit difficult to remember the name?

In this situation, they may end up typing in an incorrect name and may land on a Not Found page. Have you thought of this aspect? If this happens, what is it that the visitor will come across? Are you going to put the same old WordPress default 404 error page?

Or else, to spice things up, you can customize your 404 page. That’s right! And, it’s easy as well. You can create a customized design and a message for 404 page that will fill up your visitors with enthusiasm. And then, you can even redirect them through this page to the right one.


  • Testing Social Media Link Ups:


These days, social media is definitely a massive part of every brand’s online identity. Not just it helps you on a personal level, but professional as well. That’s one of the considerable reasons why there should be a connection between your social media platforms and your website.

You can interconnect these two things either in the form of links, automatic blog post promotions, or links. Although you might have cross-checked links for social media and they might be working well, however, you might not pay keen attention to other functionalities.

If your purpose is to publish posts directly to social media from the website, then you must recheck whether this function is working properly or not. You can do this by publishing a test post. If you have put the share option for your visitors, make sure that it’s working perfectly fine.


  • Have A Look at The Security:


While you may be sure of the security that is coming from your hosting provider’s end, there are still several ways that hackers have found out to trespass firewalls. Hence, you must make sure that the security of your site is as tough as possible.

Experts recommend not to rely on any third-party security standards but to set your own. A good way to begin is by installing some beneficial plugins that may help raise up the wall of security for your website.

And moreover, if you think there are certain policy standards, then make sure that your website is compliant to them. This will keep you safe from unnecessary legal troubles in the future.

Conclusion before you launch WordPress website:

Of course, the maintenance of a website is crucial before you launch WordPress website it. You would not want to end up facing troubles once the site is live, right? And then, you wouldn’t even want your visitors to face difficulties.

So, before you take the plunge, make sure that every aspect is intact, and every part of your website is working well enough. Once you are double sure, only then move on with it.


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