Ways to make your WordPress Website look more professional


The best part about owning a WordPress website is that it is quite easy to design. Although designing a website can seem like a daunting task if you’re a beginner, WordPress makes the process super simple and quite fun too. Yes, it isn’t the same as getting it done from a web designer, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a sloppy looking website. There are tons of simple tricks and tips that you can use to transform your website and give it a professional look within no time. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Tips and Tricks to Make your WordPress Website Look More Professional

Use Simple Body Text

Using various fonts and giving different effects to the body text is very tempting because of the sheer possibilities that WordPress offers. However, if you want your website to have a professional style, then consider going traditional and minimal. Use a white or light background colour and (preferably) black text colour. Also avoid fancy fonts and stick to the professional ones like Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman.

Change the Tagline

By default, every new WordPress site comes with the tagline ‘Just Another WordPress Website’. This tagline shows up when someone searches for your website on the internet or you post the site link on Facebook. Go to General Settings and change the tagline to describe your website in a few but effective words. This will also help in SEO terms.

Upload a Favicon

A favicon is the icon that you see next to a website’s name in the browser. Many websites upload their company logo as a favicon. Even if you don’t have a logo, you can select one icon that represents your website the best and use it as a favicon. This will make it easier for users to identify with your website, especially if they bookmark it. Although it doesn’t essentially have any tangible advantage, it does make your website look more professional.

Use a Professional Theme

WordPress offers a wide variety of professional WordPress themes that will leave you spoilt for choice. If you own a creative website, then designing around a theme is more fun. However, since you want a professional-looking website, consider using only professional-looking themes. A simple search will give you a list of professional themes and their features. Choose the one best suited to you.

Limit the Number of Pages

A website with too many pages is more likely to deter users from staying on it for too long. Likewise, seeing a long list of page links in the menu tends to put people off and discourages them from exploring your website further. Hence, always keep the number of site pages to a maximum of 4-5. If you do need to include more pages however, then add internal links to page content instead of adding all the pages in your menu or widgets.

Use Simple Colour Schemes

The more creative your website, the more creative you can consider being too. However, for a professional website, keeping it simple and minimal is important. When choosing colour schemes for your internal pages, the first thing to remember is consistency. Keep the same colours throughout. Secondly, choose simple, sober, and limited colours. Avoid using bold hues like a deep purple or fluorescent yellow. Use whites, reds, blues and grays instead, or toned-down shades.

Customize Your Links

By default, many internal page links in WordPress show your website name and a bunch of random numbers. However, these look unprofessional because they come across as meaningless, and maybe even unkempt. Consider customizing your links to replace these numbers with your page names. This will give users an idea of what your page consists of when they look at the URL.

Consider the Layout

Using a default layout or pre-existing layout is fine, but it doesn’t give your page the finesse required to create a professional-looking website. Consider using personalized or customizable template, wherein you can alter the layout to your liking. Understand which pages can do without a widget, how many pages to include in the menu, or how to place page elements to give your website a more polished and professional look.

In Conclusion
Creating a professional-looking website is quite simple using a few tweaks in WordPress. The trick is to know your WordPress backend, and to understand the factors that make a good website. Know what you want to display from your website, and then decide on the most appropriate layout and look for it. Once you are clear about the purpose of your website and what message you want to give your audience, it will be easier for you to design the most unique website.

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