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3 Steps To Design Your Own SlideDeck Skin

On August 16, 20102 Comments

As mentioned in past posts, SlideDeck now has full skin support in both the jQuery library and the plugin for WordPress and we’ve seen some great results from the community. Creating a custom skin does require a little knowledge of CSS, but now its easier than ever to make some great looking SlideDecks!

3 Steps To Design Your Own SlideDeck Skin

  1. Create your skin files – Use our default skin as a base and create your own variation, or try skins from our Skin It to Win It contest winners and modify theirs.
  2. Give your skin a unique CSS class – Set your skin apart from others and make it work with other SlideDecks.
  3. Describe your skin – Enter meta information about your skin so it can be used with the SlideDeck WordPress plugin and the future SlideDeck skin gallery.

View the full guide at the 3 Steps to Rolling Your Own Skin usage documentation section.

We’re working on getting a directory of skins setup for all users of SlideDeck to take advantage of. Once you’ve finished making your beautiful SlideDeck skin, submit it to us.  Remember if you don’t feel like making your own skin, you can always download skins submitted by the community.

Check out a few examples where the community has created their own SlideDeck skins to seamlessly merge SlideDeck in their website:

OpenCandy – A unique skin in that this one was designed with vertical slides in mind. A single horizontal slide was used with the spines turned off to focus on the vertical navigation method offered by SlideDeck Pro.

SilverPoint – A skin that matches the surrounding website’s look and feel perfectly creating a seamless interaction providing a wealth of information in a limited space.

Stanley Works UK – A rough and gritty skin designed for a narrow space that matches the tough feel of the company’s tools.

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    I can’t use a image in the slide deck. Plz tell me how to use it.



      Hello Momin,

      You can use images by embedding them in the slide content or using CSS. Please check out our support section for documentation. Or if you have further questions, please feel free to post on GetSatisfaction.

      Thank you!