Top 8 Most Popular WordPress Plugins in 2019

Top 8 Most Popular WordPress Plugins in 2019

Leading content management systems (CMSs) constantly undergo various developments to make sure that users get the best value from their websites. Specially Most Popular WordPress Plugins keep on changing.

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems. It runs about one-third of the websites on the internet. WordPress’s power is evidenced by its use by big corporations, news sites, and membership sites. A lot of the power and functionality of this CMS is extended through WordPress plugins.

If you are a webmaster looking to improve the efficiency and aesthetic look of your website, here are 8 top WordPress plugins that can revolutionize your site in 2019.


Wordfence Security plugin

Most Popular WordPress Plugins

For a CMS that boasts of being widely used by all types of sites, cybersecurity concerns are not unusual. Sites that provide platforms for sensitive activities such as online trading, for instance, need to have top-notch security features. With Wordfence Security, you are confident that your site’s and users’ security is well taken care of.

WordPress Security is a combination of Firewall, Anti-virus, and Malware scan into one plugin that is simple to install and use. Even the free version of WordPress Security comes with a wide variety of preventive features including IP blocking and protection against Brute Force attacks.


MailPoet Newsletters

You know the importance of making subscription easy for your visitors. WordPress knows this too and has a plugin dedicated to this objective.MailPoet Newsletters enables your site’s users to make email subscriptions easily and quickly. The plugin brings subscription to the WordPress dashboard.

Is the subscription process hindering you from growing your subscriber list? With MailPoet, this isn’t a hindrance anymore. It has a free plan and comes with nice and pretty templates.


3. Yoast SEO

Most Popular WordPress Plugins

SEO has been and will continue to be at the core of search engine ranking. Efforts made toward making your content more user- and SEO-friendly will never go unrewarded.

But to get the best from your SEO efforts you need a WordPress plugin that helps you to manage metadata, configure canonical URLs, and avoid duplication among other SEO enhancements. This plugin is Yoast SEO.
Some of the features of Yoast SEO WordPress plugin include:

  • Template for title
  • Template for meta description
  • Content analysis
  • Breadcrumb customization
  • Integration with search console
  • Snippet preview with editing options

It is an easy but highly useful content creation plugin that is incomparable with normal SEO tools provided by other CMSs.


4. Pretty Links

pretty link Most Popular WordPress Plugins

If you have been in a situation where you wanted to share a link but it was too long, you appreciate the value of a reliable link shortening tool.

Pretty Links WordPress plugin does exactly as its name suggests: shortening your links into pretty, cleaner and shareable URLs.
In addition to this, you can use the plugin to track the source of clicks on these shortened links, thus enabling you to target your content more effectively.

In case you are into affiliate marketing, Pretty Links is a must-have WordPress plugin for success in affiliate marketing in 2019.


5. BackUpWordPress


Whether you are a seasoned developer or beginning webmaster, you need backups.
BackUpWordPress plugin provides you with a simple way to set up backups in your WordPress website. When your site and plugins get updated, or when other tasks such as migration are underway, BackUpWordPress keeps your site’s files and data protected.

Features of the BackUpWordPress plugin include Files Backup, Full Backup, Only Database Backup, Manual Backup, and Automatic Backup. There’s no simpler way to set up backups for your site than with this plugin.


WP Fastest Cache

fast cache plugin Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Website speed remains to be among the most important determinants of a site’s performance.
WP Fastest Cache plugin comes with cutting-edge features for browser caching, CSS and Javascript minification and combining, Gzip compression, HTML minification, and generating static files.

While most website speed enhancement plugins come with the same minification features, WP Fastest Cache sets itself apart by combining the multiple JavaScript and CSS files. This ability significantly boosts the performance of the website.



Smush plugin

WordPress provides two top plugins for image optimization: Smush and Optimole. Of these two, Smush has a larger following. The plugin automatically scans your WordPress site for images. It then optimizes the images by compressing, resizing, or adjusting the image files.

The use of images in content will continue to be a prudent content optimization strategy in 2019. However, the use of large images may work against your site. You need Smush to make sure that all images, even the ones uploaded previously, are optimized automatically.

It’s important to remember that you should not use two image optimization plugins at the same time. You either have Smush or Optimole at any given time.


Cool Timeline

CoolTIme plugin

The importance of having an attractive website design cannot be overstated. Cool Timeline is the best plugin you’ll find on the market for displaying your site’s timeline. It has a highly responsive design that makes your site’s timeline look appealing on a computer as well as mobile device screen.

Key features of the Cool Timeline plugin include:

  • You can create one- and two-sided timelines
  • Multiple options for custom colour
  • Pop-ups for timeline images
  • Translation ready in 3 languages

The timeline plugin also comes with shortcodes that help you to add timeline functionalities to any page you want. These timelines are compact and retina ready; the best you can get from a CMS plugin.


Conclusion on Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Each development made by WordPress in a bid to increase the CMSs power and efficiency can result in considerable improvements in your site’s management and effectiveness. Make use of the numerous opportunities the above plugins provide and be sure to achieve more growth and success in your online endeavours.

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