New Smart SlideDecks!

We’ve just made a great new addition to the SlideDeck plugin for WordPress called Smart SlideDecks. You can now create automatically generated SlideDecks to place in your WordPress theme, pages or posts.

Populate Smart SlideDeck content automatically with recent, popular, or specific featured posts; you can even filter the posts you want to show by category. Configure the Smart SlideDeck to auto play and place it at the top of your website’s theme for a great looking way to show off your content!

We’ve added some great new options to configure SlideDecks as well. We have included two great new themes with three alternative navigation styles for use with Smart SlideDecks. You also now have the ability to hide slide title bars, auto-play and loop your regular SlideDecks!

New Smart SlideDeck Interface

New SlideDeck template for Smart SlideDecks

Vertical Slides Added to SlideDeck Pro JavaScript Library

About a month ago we announced that we were experimenting with some great new prototype features for the SlideDeck JavaScript library core. Now, we’re happy to announce that vertical slides like those shown on slide 2 of the SlideDeck on our WordPress plugin marketing page are part of the SlideDeck Pro JavaScript library!

Once you’ve purchased the SlideDeck Pro JavaScript library check out the usage documentation for how to implement the vertical slides on your website.

Pro WordPress Plugin Users: We’re going to be adding this feature into the Pro version of the WordPress plugin soon too! Remember that all Pro WordPress plugin purchases come with FREE upgrades to future versions of the WordPress plugin, so you can still get the plugin now and get the vertical slides feature when it is released!

New Features Added to SlideDeck Lite JavaScript Library

We’ve moved a ton of features over to the SlideDeck Lite JavaScript Library. Check out some of the features that used to only be available to Pro users, but now even Lite users can access:

  • Auto Play – Have your SlideDeck automatically progress through the slides at an interval you specify.
  • Hide Slide Titles – Hide the slide title bars between slides to use SlideDeck like a more traditional slider.
  • SlideDeck Looping – Great when you’re auto playing your SlideDeck and have the slide titles turned off. Your SlideDeck will automatically loop back to the beginning after it has cycled through all the slides.

Check out the usage documentation to see more features that have been un-locked for the the SlideDeck Lite JavaScript Library.

SlideDeck Lite JavaScript Library goes GPL

In support of the open source community, we have decided to make the SlideDeck Lite JavaScript Library GPL licensed! Now when you download the Lite version of SlideDeck’s JavaScript core, you get the source code with it and are free to modify and distribute the code within the limits of the GPL license.

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  1. Skip Savage
    Skip Savage says:

    You are on to something great here. There’s a downright scarcity of topnotch sliders to use with WordPress.

    Before you came along, you had to settle either for something amateurish, or a geeky solutions that drove you insane with fiddly code.

    The flexibility to hide spines and use tabs instead is so powerful. You have my full attention now.


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