New SlideDeck Release: Vertical Slide Design, BuddyPress and Background Images, Oh My!

We’re excited about today’s SlideDeck release, which is packed full of updates, fixes and tweaks to make your experience with SlideDeck smoother than ever.  We’ve also added some powerful new features that will let you take your SlideDeck customizations even further.

This update is the first one after our Pro User Survey, and the fixes and changes are in part driven by the feedback of the community.  We wanted to make sure you knew we heard you loud and clear, and in this release we think we’ve addressed a good chunk of your feedback.  Let’s take a look at what’s new under the hood in this release.  Be sure to read on for a full list of fixes and code improvements.

You can download the latest release here.

What’s New in this Release?

  • BuddyPress accommodation
  • Vertical slide design and logic
  • Background images
  • Fixes and code enhancements

BuddyPress Accommodation

BuddyPress LogoWe’re well aware that SlideDeck and BuddyPress haven’t played nice in the past.  And while we don’t want to point any fingers, the issue was a certain code *choice* in BuddyPress that tended to wreak havoc on the jQuery library. We identified the conflict and built the newest release of SlideDeck with an accommodation for that, ahem, choice. Now the two can live happily ever after; and all BuddyPress site owners can take advantage of SlideDeck right out of the box.

Vertical Slide Design and Logic

Vertical slides are a powerful way to leverage SlideDeck for multi-dimensional content delivery.  In this release we’ve revamped the vertical design navigation (check out the SlideDeck on our home page as an example), and also made adding logic to the slides easier on the backend.  This means that you can use SlideDecks for things such as lead-gen forms, surveys, and choose-your-own adventure style content discovery.  It let’s you program the slide logic, and let’s the user decide how much content they want at once.  It’s a great way to deliver complex information in a way that isn’t overwhelming to the user and doesn’t clutter the design of your site.  We’re really proud of this feature and the power it brings to SlideDeck.

Vertical Slide Navigation

Background Images

Now you can add any custom background image to your SlideDeck.  Perfect for galleries and creating custom slides that really stand out on your site.  Plus, it’s super-easy to put text right on top of the image, making your galleries more informative and engaging.  You can either point SlideDeck to an image URL or simply upload one to your Media Gallery in WordPress and SlideDeck will do the rest.  Real estate websites could put home listings up with the details right there in the gallery, or add a product image with pricing right on the gallery page.  It’s a great way to customize your user experience with SlideDeck.

Background Image Admin

Other Fixes and Code Enhancements

We’ve made a ton of changes and improvements in the code.  Here’s a full list of what you’ll get in this latest release:

SlideDeck Pro for jQuery 1.1.7:

  • Updated SlideDeck skin that comes with the distribution to match the home page vertical navigation style.
  • Improved SlideDeck skin documentation to make skin creation easier.
  • Included a demo implementation that includes all styling, content and imagery from the SlideDeck on the home page of Use this as a base for your own SlideDeck on your website and start out with a great read-made design!

WordPress Plugin 1.3.2:

  • Modified the way that we were processing dates to be more globally compatibile with different time zones.
  • Linked images in Smart SlideDecks to their article’s permalink
  • Made IE stylesheet conditionals for skins more specific to prevent IE8 specific styles from accidentally overriding IE7 specific styles
  • Improved RSS Smart SlideDeck XML parsing for access to the RSS feed’s content area
  • Changed RSS XML loading to use WordPress’ built in wp_remote_fopen() function for better compatibility with servers that do not have allow_url_fopen set to “On”
  • Added additional exclusions for RSS image filtering to further filter out unwanted imagery from getting picked up as a post’s summary image
  • Made an exclusion for BuddyPress to get around the missing easing in certain versions of the ScrollTo library that comes with BuddyPress
  • Improved SlideDeck slide content processing to prevent plugins that append content to posts from doing so on SlideDeck slide content
  • Bug fix for WordPress 2.7 to make accommodations for the lack of the esc_html() function.
  • Bug fix to properly handle getting the first image from a post’s gallery. We were not accommodating for a keyed array return and it was preventing access to the first element in the returned array.
  • Bug fix for WordPress 2.9.2 that was preventing the “Upload/Set” button for slide backgrounds from opening the media upload dialog.
  • Bug fix for adding media to a new, un-saved SlideDeck. Implemented new method for creating SlideDecks that will create a new SlideDeck entry in the database with the “auto-draft” post_status value to have a legitimate post entry to associate media attachments to – method modeled after the way WordPress handles regular post creation.
  • Bug fix for TinyMCE editors that was causing shortcodes to come back as rendered markup instead of the shortcode
  • Bug fix for the way that content was being loaded for SlideDecks and SlideDeck slides that caused a conflict in comment open/close status
  • Bug fix for GLOB_BRACE issue; GLOB_BRACE was unnecessary for the command so it was removed

Thanks from the SlideDeck Team

Thanks again for your continued use, support and feedback about SlideDeck.  With you we’re developing what we believe is the Web’s best slider.  We’re excited for this release and the releases ahead.  As always we’d love to hear your feedback here or in our support forum.

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and email list to stay up to date with the latest from SlideDeck.  We’re rolling out cool new features (like our SlideDeck demo) and tips on how to get the most out of your SlideDeck all the time.

10 Comments on “New SlideDeck Release: Vertical Slide Design, BuddyPress and Background Images, Oh My!

  1. Just bought the pro version for wordpress thinking I’d be getting the up/down arrows for vertical slides – but they’re not there… just the little grey boxes (which are less than intuitive and pretty much useless as most of my users don’t notice them). Any word on when you’ll be implementing the arrows for wordpress? I feel like I’ve been tricked!

  2. Hi Dennis and Marsha,
    The dots in the spine don’t yet apply to the SlideDeck plugin for WordPress. You may be able to achieve the same look with some CSS however.

  3. I was also looking forward to the dots as well as the up and down arrows for the vertical slide but when I upgraded my Slidedeck Pro on my site it wasn’t there either. Did I do something wrong?

  4. Hello SlideDeck team! I downloaded the newest release of the SlideDeck Pro wordpress plugin and noticed that the vertical design ‘SlideDeck for WordPress Default’ doesn’t look like the homepage slidedeck (e.g. no ‘dots’ on the side, up/down arrows in the deck, etc.) Am I missing something?

  5. Hey Manu, at the bottom of slide editing area you’ll see a text field where you can either type in the full URL of the image you want to use as your background. You can also click on the Upload/Set button next to this field to upload an image to insert; just click the Insert Into Post button after the image is uploaded to populate the text field.

  6. SlideDeck was what I was looking for the side I’m running! :D
    Thank you for this great feature!

    Just one question :)

    It is written in your post, it is possible to add a background image to the slide.
    Is this feature only available in the pro version for wordpress or is it available in
    the free version too?

    I loaded down SlideDeck for wordpress at the 17th of August in the morning
    and when I editing/adding a slide I can’t see the option “Slide Background Image Url” :(

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