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New Release: jQuery Library Bug Fixes & New WordPress Skin

On January 5, 20114 Comments

We’re always doing our best to make SlideDeck better. This latest release addresses a few bugs in the core JavaScript library and adds a new option to the PRO JavaScript library and the PRO WordPress Plugin. In tow is also a new skin for WordPress that mimics our homepage’s SlideDeck.

Changes in Version 1.2.1/1.3.6

The change-list below is short, but we hope that the enhancements are useful and save all our users a bit of trouble.

jQuery Library Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where SlideDeck was too greedy when selecting slide elements. This caused problems with nested SlideDecks.
  • Improved mouse wheel scroll navigation when used in conjunction with the cycle option.

PRO jQuery Library Changes:

  • Added an option for being able to scroll through vertical slides and then to the previous or next horizontal slide.

WordPress Plugin Changes:

  • Updated the SlideDeck JavaScript libraries for the above bug fixes.
  • Added an option to control the new continueScrolling JavaScript library option.
  • Changed user levels to roles/capabilities.

The New WordPress Plugin Skin

The skin pictured below is selectable from a dropdown menu in the editing interface just as any other skin is, and it works naturally with the vertical slides feature of the SlideDeck PRO WordPress plugin. We decided to create this skin after our plugin users requested the ability.

We’d love to know what you think of the new skin and any other thoughts you might have about SlideDeck in general, so let us know in the comments section below.

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    Having problem with Slide Deck 2 personal…. all of the sudden it has stopped appearing on my website and has deactivate itself in WordPress. When I go to re-install it, I am denied and a message appears in WordPress saying…

    Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: SlideDeckPlugin::$version in /homepages/7/d323436335/htdocs/juicytings.comb/wp-content/plugins/slidedeck2-personal/lib/constants.php on line 29

    I do have the latest format of WordPress along with the lastest browser and still no luck in getting Slide Deck to work, getting frustrated…



    On your front page, you have a great slide deck with vertical scrollers… And this slide deck has navigation within it on the second frame that takes you through 4 vertical scrolling frames (and hovers over the section itself). Yet there are no instructions that I can find on how to create such a nav within a slide deck…
    A tutorial showing how you built the slide deck that you are using to market and promote slide deck seems like it would be nice, as you’re using an example which includes features that the product doesn’t actually seem to include.



      Here you go:

      Dave recently wrote a post discussing the finer points of this example. The example in that post is also included with the SlideDeck PRO download.

      We like to think of SlideDeck as a solid foundation for whatever experience you want to create. Adding extra features that become a part of the core of SlideDeck is tricky as it’s easy to create a bloated product. We don’t include features like the hovering arrows and many different vertical navigation styles because it’s possible to override them on a deck-by-deck basis. The home page example is meant to show you what can be done with SlideDeck and your own custom JavaScript.

      I’m sorry if there was any confusion and I hope the linked blog post helps clear things up.