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New Smart SlideDeck Live Demo

On August 12, 201010 Comments

One of the best kept secrets of the WordPress Plugin is the Smart SlideDeck feature. This feature allows you to create a dynamic and fully automated SlideDeck in about 5 seconds. Since we weren’t properly showing off this powerful functionality, we decided to build a badass demo for you guys to test drive.

Smart SlideDeck Demo

Features of the demo:

  • See a live SlideDeck in action with some of our favorite blogs
  • Change the skin color between light and dark
  • Update navigation styles
  • Enter and display in any RSS feed content*

That’s right – any RSS feed content. So why stop at blog content, bring in Twitter, Facebook or foursquare feeds – be creative!

[USDD url=”” skin=”dark” navigation=”dates”]

Remember, the demo shows you Smart SlideDeck example as if you configured them from within the WordPress Slider Plugin. The functionality of allowing users to specify a custom RSS or change display settings on the fly is not currently included in the WordPress plugin. However, we would consider adding it into the product if you guys give us a good enough reason to do so. For instance, you could give users a blank canvas of SlideDecks and allow them to customize their own news feeds. So let us know how you would use this functionality.

*Note: We are still working on perfecting the display of feed images. It works most of the time, however, we haven’t been able to filter out all the funky ad formats and tracking images.

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    Julio Negron

    How bout some example code for those of us who are Designers/Developers? I’ve been trying to setup SlideDeck in a similar fashion to this using the jQuery version and a jQuery plugin called zRssFeed. I’ve not been successful. And there aren’t any examples of how to do this anywhere on the web, apparently. Please help, I’d rather not use another slide deck.



      Hi Julio,
      It looks like zRssFeed would need to return the structure that SlideDeck depends on. If that can be customized, then it should just be a matter of running the SlideDeck jQuery right after fetching your feed.



    Hello! Many compliments for this great script!! Is awesome!!
    Question: I’ve downloaded SD ’cause I want try it with a RSS feed like the example here above… can I obtain the same result with the free jQ script?
    How to?
    Thank you very much!



      Hello edoluz,

      Currently, this is only available with a Smart SlideDeck in the WordPress plugin. However, you could use something like SimplePie for RSS aggregation with the jQuery plugin.



    Hey Joe,

    Yes. Our next major upgrade of SlideDeck will remove our dependency on WordPress for RSS Smart SlideDecks. We can’t wait!


    joe tucker

    any chance that this powerful feature will be enabled for the non-WP version?



    Hey John,

    You could actually do it right now. You would need to do some prep so that source serving the content would refresh occasionally for new content. You would also want to make sure the RSS feeds you are pulling in use images that scale well for your screen size or disable the images.

    Even better, you could set up your own feed digest and allow students or teachers to tweet with a specific hashtag to be included in the feed and eventually in the SlideDeck.



    We could use something like this to show on digital signage around our campus. I’m looking for a way to graphically show RSS news feeds (one story at a time) on flat panels around campus. Let me know when this is possible. Thanks,



    Thanks for the input Bowe. That might work best if we create a BuddyPress WP theme, where the admin could use the SlideDeck for user updates (news feed) or the user could select a feed of their choice as you suggested.



    I think community/social network (BuddyPress powered WordPress sites) could benefit from the option to let their users put in a custom RSS feed. It would only work though if the feed url get’s saved in a cookie, so that it get’s saved after input.

    Then you could put a smart SlideDeck on their homepage which shows the latest sitenews by default but can be changed by the user to show news from the RSS feed they want.. If you’d put a button above/below the deck saying: “Want to see news from a different source then ours? Fill in the RSS feed url!”

    I think that would be an unique and cool feature to add, and I would use it on at least on of my projects.. It might be only suited for more technically oriented communities though!