New Update Today! Batch Image Uploading & Custom Image Slides

On October 11, 201220 Comments

A few weeks ago, Dave, one of our developers, went on vacation. After diligently sorting the hundreds of images with which he returned, he went to his blog to make a SlideDeck for a post about his vacation to share with his family and friends.

That’s when it happened. In an instant, as he recounted his experience, we were overwhelmed with the same feeling a few of you have expressed. Updating SlideDeck with the ability to bulk upload images would rock!

We are thrilled to announce that with the latest update to SlideDeck 2, you can now bulk upload images for your custom decks. Now, you won’t have to cancel that hot date cause you’re too busy making a custom image deck, (please tell us that none of you have ever done this, ever).

Want to see this in action? Grab a handful of images and head on over to the free SlideDeck 2 Live Demo to give it a shot. This update is available to all tiers of SlideDeck 2.

But wait – Personal Users can’t use Custom Content…can they?

Well, that’s a great question. We started pondering, “what else could our fellow SlideDeckers benefit from?” As the ideas bounced around the office, we all agreed that it’d be great for SlideDeck Personal to have Custom Content Image slides (the most popular custom slide!) like its Professional and Developer siblings.

So in addition to bulk uploading images for all tiers, the latest update also extends SlideDeck Personal by adding Custom Content Image slides!

If you’ve got piles of images you’ve been waiting to get into an awesome slider on your site, there’s never been a better time to grab a copy of SlideDeck.

Awesome-o! So how do I…

If you’ve ever used the built-in WordPress uploader, bulk uploading into SlideDeck is going to feel like a walk in the park. But, just in case…

  1. First, make sure you’ve updated your copy of SlideDeck to the latest version
  2. Start by creating a Custom Content SlideDeck.
  1. When choosing your slide type, click the “upload multiple” link underneath the “Image Slide” button.
  1. Things should start looking very familiar now – select and upload your images…all at once!
  1. And now you’re done!

What do you think of the new updates? Do you have any big plans for your newfound powers of simultaneous image SlideDeck-ifying? Let us know in the comments!


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    That is awesome that we can bulk upload images into the slideshow now. But the one thing that takes up all my time when making a slideshow is configuring the image settings one by one after the bulk image upload completes. For instance most of the slideshows my company requires us to make have 100+ images to put into the slideshow. After bulk uploading them into the slideshow I have to edit each image setting one by one in the slide which is very time consuming/labor intensive. It would be an even better plugin if you could add-in/develop the option to allow bulk edit of the image settings after uploading them into the slideshow.


    Harriet Mendez

    I’m very grateful for the update, thank you guys



    slidedeck 2 is wonderful. i love it. tell me, how to i update to the latest version?



      Thanks Vanita! The answer depends on what you’re upgrading from – if you’re going from SlideDeck 1 to SlideDeck 2, just shoot us a note via our contact form. If you already own SlideDeck 2 Personal/Professional/Developer, you should be able to update from inside the WordPress admin, just like all your other plugins.


    Greg Roth

    This is the feature that I have been waiting for. This is going to help increase my productivity and efficiency ten fold. I produce slideshows for articles that myself and other contributors produce for my we site. Although the results were always good, the process was very laborious. Thank you for finally getting this feature added! I am looking forward to see what other enhancements you come up with!

    -Greg Roth – Founder and Chief Contributor /



    AWESOME!!! Thanks for this guys! I love my slidedeck! Was so happy when it went responsive and now this! #win!



    I’m in love.. that was my one gripe about Slidedeck.. and now, that’s been put to rest. ~R.I.P. gripe! The funny thing is that i told *just* had my client upload all her own photos *because it was good practice* for her… In truth, I just didn’t have the time to do them one by one and it would’ve never gotten done otherwise (or it would’ve doubled her budget)..

    I’m very grateful for the update, thank you guys!!



    The man read my mind! I mean… he’s even named the same way! Talk about sinchronicity
    I was going to request for it, but didn’t find the time and then I get this by email, GREAT!

    This was the only fly I found on a delicious and very good looking plugin, and now it’s gone!




    pat carr

    Finally!!! i hated the one at a time loading before and didn’t know why bulk uploading wasn’t a function already



      Hi Pat =) Yeah, it’s really a function of limited resources and time – we do our best to be addressing the biggest areas of need, and then iterate upon the features that people really use.



    With a bulk upload it would be nice to just set the upload location as a slideck source that just uses everything in it


    Beny Schonfeld

    I just purchased the dev version and was really excited about this feature! I’m currently building a site and the other plugins were forcing me to upload images one at a time… HUGE pain in the butt!

    I’d like to throw another improvement your way the would be greatly appreciated: on the fly Watermarking of images… Simply provide a place where one can set a default watermark (either image or text), the placement options for watermark and presto! Every image uploaded is watermarked on the fly.

    This would save me a separate process using desktop app… And time , of course.

    Hope you can accommodate this request for a future update.


    J Ellery

    I am a huge fan of the product, however I too on occasion have wished the service would be more responsive. When SlideDeck 2 was updated to it’s latest version a function went out the window that I understood would be addressed quickly and then many weeks went by…I checked in and the response was more or less, that’s not our priority now and frankly we kind of forgot. It made me regret upgrading although I will probably continue to use SD on my new sites bc it’s still a great product.



      Thanks J, we appreciate the kind words.

      Which feature were you missing? We’ve definitely been learning as we go along with SlideDeck, which is why we’re making a big effort to be open to feedback from our users. That said, it’s impossible for us to implement everyone’s wishlist, but rest assured that we debate each and every addition furiously on this end, to ensure that it’s the best thing for all of you guys. Seriously, sometimes people get charlie horses in the ensuing arguments! =)



    That’s all very nice guys, but has your customer care improved since SD1? That is why, I’m reluctant to spend more money. I felt let down on more than one occasion. What have you changed on that level?



      Hi Jan

      I’m not sure what kind of experience you had with SlideDeck 1, but I’m personally very proud of the support we provide – we purposely keep it in-house, and have the same developers who created the plugin work on supporting it, in order to maintain the highest possible quality of advice that we’re providing. We stick to our commitment to turn around responses within 24-48 hours to all support requests, and we now offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on the plugin. In addition, one of the reasons we rebuilt the plugin from the ground up with the launch of SlideDeck 2 was to make it more efficient, robust, and easier for us to maintain. So, to answer your question, the support has always been the best we can provide, and I think it’s currently the best it’s ever been =)