Why are brands opting for influencer marketing strategy in 2018?

The last couple of years have seen the rise of bloggers, micro-bloggers, and social media stars. They influence the lives of millions each day by the way they dress, do their makeup, engage in physical activities, eat, sleep and even possibly breathe! They are the social media influencers, who have the power to inspire and [...]

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Which website development trends will dominate the design and UX landscape of 2018?

The web has hardly ever stood still since its creation. First, there were basic HTTP 0.9, HTML, World Wide Web – the first browser and the first server software – CERN. We have come quite far from there. Modern websites support mobile responses, they allow people to find their dates online, book tables for dinner [...]

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This is How to Quickly Build an Email Address List from Scratch

Most businesses agree - email is one of the most effective ways to introduce potential clients to your product or service and generate sales. For one, email marketing is relatively cheap and delivers results fast. It’s also highly personal since you’re communicating with prospects directly. But there’s a catch. A successful email campaign requires a [...]

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Discover the power of WordPress plugins that can help you build high performing websites

Although WordPress websites are most attractive for web designers due to its ability to support their creativity, it is equally attractive to internet marketers due to its endless possibilities of optimization. By default, WordPress websites are search engine friendly, but what puts it much ahead of other CMS are the plugins. By using WordPress plugins [...]

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Setting up a WordPress AMP Compatible Website

Over the past few years, we have been seeing that mobile devices are taking over the globe. Gradually, we have adapted ourselves to this new phenomenon. Mobile devices have grown into a necessary part of our daily life. From grasping information to financial transactions to entertainment, people are dependent on their mobile for various daily [...]

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