Slider Is Slowing Down Your Website

While surfing through the internet, how long would you wait for a site to load completely? Sure, the time wouldn’t be quite long. Well, accordingly, a majority of people don’t even wait up to two seconds for the website to pop out the content. That’s one of the primary reasons why businesses want their websites […]

Back at the end of 2018, the commencement of Gutenberg beta version managed to cause a lot of uproars. Topics like Gutenberg vs website builders were common. It was so much so that the team behind Tailor Page Builder already decided to discontinue their services, citing the inability to cope up with Gutenberg and other […]

WordPress Tips

WordPress is a very powerful platform that has a huge number of features. It is a platform that has a huge number of tools and plugins that not many people know about. Of the many things that this platform can do, hosting websites of any stature is what drives most people to it. Whether you […]

How to create a WordPress RSS slider

How to Create a WordPress RSS Slider

RSS feeds an easy way to share a list of headlines, update notices, and content to a wide number of people. And it becomes, even more, easier to highlight your content with a WordPress RSS Slider. So if you plan to highlight the RSS…
Responsive video slider

How to Create a Responsive Video Slider in WordPress

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Did you ever plan to add a Video slider to your WordPress site? Video sliders are a great way to engage with visitors on your site. They help make your website even more appealing and interactive. At the same time, they need to be responsive,…
Google Plus image slider

How to Create a Google Plus Image Slider?

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Are you looking to create a Google plus image slider? In that case, SlideDeck is the best WordPress Slider plugin to generate beautiful image sliders in minutes. There is no knowledge of programming required in any way. This plugin is…
Zenfolio gallery slider

How to create a Zenfolio Gallery Slider in WordPress?

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Do you want to add a Zenfolio Gallery slider to your website? You can easily import the gallery images from your Zenfolio account and create a beautiful responsive WordPress slider for your site using SlideDeck. Create a beautiful slideshow…
Mixed content slider

How to create a Mixed Content Slider in WordPress?

Do you want to quickly create image/video/text/HTML slides in WordPress? SlideDeck allow you to mix a variety of slide types into a single presentation such as photos, videos, text and HTML documents to create a mixed content slider. Slidedeck…
500px image slider for WordPress

How to create a 500px Image Slider for WordPress?

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One of the excellent place to upload and share your best photos and get the exposure for the same is 500px. If you want to add the 500px content to your WordPress site, you can easily integrate and showcase 500px image gallery using a WordPress…