create an image slider

Although there are innumerable ways to keep your website visitors hooked, however, there is a possibility of not every other technique proving out to be effective. When it comes to enhancing the looks of your WordPress website, surely, you can add several elements to it, like learning to create an image slider. However, you must make […]

best SEO tool

Innumerable businesses claim to know how search engine optimization can benefit their website or the brand altogether. However, in reality, there are very few of them who can actually make the best out of SEO techniques and best SEO tool without the help of an expert by the side. Right from bringing more organic traffic […]

Launching a WordPress website surely seems to be an exciting experience. After all, you’re going to establish your brand online and expose your products or services to a wider range of audience. Along with it, there are several other benefits that you’re going to reap. Fascinating, isn’t it? However, to tell you the truth, not every […]

WooCommerce product slider

How to create a WooCommerce Product Slider?

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Do you want to boost your sales? WordPress sliders can be used for marketing and highlight the hot products on your site. Using the WooCommerce Product Slider to showcase your hot products is an efficient way to grab user attention and so allows…
WordPress post slider

How to Create a WordPress Post Slider?

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Do you want to showcase your WordPress custom posts in the slider of your website? A WordPress post slider will not only improve traffic for your blog posts but will also improve the visitor engagement with your site. While there are plenty…
Pinterest slider

How to create a Pinterest slider in WordPress?

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Showcasing images from any Pinterest account was never so easy. SlideDeck3 gives you the ability to create a dynamic Pinterest slider in WordPress in just 30 seconds. Also, enables you to allow visitors to pin your slider’s images…
WordPress Instagram slider

How to create a WordPress Instagram slider?

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. How about if you could showcase your favorite Instagram photos into the slider of your WordPress site? While there are many WordPress slider plugins available, SlideDeck3…
Facebook post grid

How to create a Facebook Post Grid for WordPress?

Do you want to set up a Facebook post grid for your WordPress site? While most WordPress themes do not have a grid layout feature, plugins come to the rescue. WordPress has a vast array of plugins to add a grid layout to your site. One…
Invite user feature in WordPress

How to setup Invite User Feature in WordPress?

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Do you want to restrict any strangers/intruder from entering your blog? UserPro plugin enables you to only allow invited people to sign up and get registered to your site. Only the ones who get the email invite from you/admin would be…