Image Source: Pexels Are you thinking of installing some WordPress plugins to increase user-traffic on your blog like best WordPress Plugins for content writers? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are 44,000 plugins available for you. You’ll also find a lot of WordPress websites using statistics to show that they have […]

wordpress plugins

WordPress has always been a significant choice of new-comers, thanks to the amazing features and user-friendly support. Although this platform is renowned because of numerous reasons; however, one aspect that grabs a lot of accolades is its competency to provide free and premium WordPress plugins. Over few years, these plugins have been undergoing relentless evolution. […]

difference between Wireframe, Prototype, and Mockup

Believe it or not, the world is sweeping by the obsession with apps. The millennial founders are only preaching about how applications are helping them deriving traffic and growing business also paying attention to a difference between Wireframe, Prototype, and Mockup. While the entire procedure may seem quite simple and easy-to-be-done; getting an app designed […]

Social network on WordPress

How to Create Your Own Social Network on WordPress

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Has the thought of creating your own social networks like Facebook or Twitter ever came into your mind? If not that big, maybe a small social network for friends or businesses. And if you think that requires a lot of coding or technical…
full width WordPress slider

How to Create a Full Width WordPress Slider

A full-width WordPress slider will allow you showcase your content in style on your website. SlideDeck3 is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows you to add a full-width slider to your website. All you need to do is activate the toolkit lens…
wordpress slider plugin

Tutorial: How to Create a Slider with HTML5 Video

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You can see sliders on almost every homepage on the Web these days, and they have a lot of benefits – they increase the interactivity and engagement of the page’s content, and they can showcase fresh content to your visitors – but probably…