How to Secure WordPress Website

How to Secure WordPress Website

Having a functional WordPress website is only half of the job as you have to keep protecting it from the hackers who are constantly trying to gain access to it and steal it away from you. This article tells you the various steps you can use to Secure WordPress Website. Advertisement: visit thesis help for help with your thesis.

Secure WordPress Website

WordPress is a website that provides users with a platform to have their own blogs where they can publish articles and other contents they may deem relevant and related to what their website is all about.

Just as everything you own in life, you need to protect and keenly guard your WordPress website against those who are actively trying to reap where they didn’t sow, people known as hackers whose sole purpose is to steal your website from you and leave you with nothing.

The way they do this is to gain access to your website through any means necessary before proceeding to block you out and claiming the site for themselves or demand some form of ransom to hand it over back to you. WordPress websites are unique and rather than the normal names such as MBA thesis, a site where you can help with your MBA thesis, WordPress websites come in the form of


The good news for you though is you can take some steps and security measures to secure your WordPress website and make sure no hacking activity occurs.


Learn to Secure WordPress Website by following Steps:

  • Make Use of a Lockdown Feature

Lockdown WordPress Secure WordPress Website
Hackers mostly gain access to WordPress websites and other websites through constant and repeated guesses and trying of different combinations, once you take this ability away from them, you can be sure your website is safe to an extent.
The way the lockdown feature works is to lock the website so that it is inaccessible by a particular user or IP address whenever a string of unsuccessful and repeated login attempts occurs on the website, then proceeding to inform the admin (you) of this irregular activity. With this feature, hackers might get discouraged and frustrated at the fact that they will never gain access to your website and just let it be. Are you locked out of your WordPress site? Read to easily regain access without a username or password by this straightforward guide.

  • 2-Factor Authentication

Secure WordPress Website
A 2-factor authentication or 2-way authorization is a security measure where a person trying to get into a website is required to provide login details and requirements for two different components determined by the admin. It is quite famous for Secure WordPress Website. For example, if you were to login into your WordPress website, after inputting your username and password, you will be required to answer a secret question, provide a secret code sent to your phone, etc. This way, even if the hacker successfully guesses your username and password, they will most likely be unable to answer your secret question or any other means of the second authorization you might have used.

  • Login With Your Email

Secure WordPress Website
You know how you are required to provide a username and password whenever you need to get into your website, exactly. Rather than making use of your username, make use of the email address you used to open the account. This is because email IDs are more difficult to guess than usernames. This is to prevent hackers from having to guess only your password when they have your username figured out. Having to guess two things without knowing which is right or wrong is a lot harder than having to guess just one thing, it will play important role in Secure WordPress Website

  • Juggle Your Passwords

Secure WordPress Website
Don’t be afraid to play around with your password and change them more often than not. It is easier for a hacker or a friend to figure out a password you have been using for years than the one you change every week or so. It could be the same combination of words and letters with the only changes coming from where you used upper and lower cases, just be sure to make it something you won’t easily forget.

  • Admin Username Is A NO

Remember how I talked about not using usernames because they are easier to guess? Well, the easiest to guess is the username – admin. WordPress website owners should endeavor to change to this username to something more sophisticated and harder to guess by hackers. There you go, carry out these security measures and you can rest assured your website would be secured and inaccessible by hackers looking to rid you of your blood and sweat.

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