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SlideDeck 1.3.7 – New Features and Support for WordPress 3.1

On February 25, 20114 Comments
We have just released SlideDeck 1.3.7 for WordPress. The new update includes a good amount of efficiency updates, new features and support for WordPress 3.1. The detailed updates are listed below.
  • Support for WordPress 3.1: Enjoy all the new features of 3.1 without any performance hiccups from the SlideDeck plugin.
  • Title length option for Smart SlideDecks (PRO feature only): Previously you could only adjust the excerpt length of a post on a Smart SlideDeck. We’ve extended that capability to the title of the posts as well. This should help with long titles or a smaller layout that requires a truncated title.
  • Option to disable wpautop(): By default, WordPress adds <p> tags into your post (or SlideDeck Slide) when you use return or enter to add line breaks. Some users requested that we add a way to disable this as they would like to have full control over the formatting of their slides. We’ve added this as an advanced option so users who prefer to work without the W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. editor can fully disable the wpautop() function and take full control of the formatting inside a SlideDeck.
  • SlideDeck RSS Feed in Overview: As a way to let users know what’s going on in the world of SlideDeck, we’ve added a short list of our latest blog posts. These might include specials, deals, tutorials or anything else we blog about.
  • Improved Skin Support: Plugin will now read any skins in the folder /wp-content/plugins/slidedeck-skins in addition to those already located in the /skins sub-folder. Skins in the /wp-content/plugins/slidedeck-skins folder will override those in the /skins sub-folder if their folder name is the same. So, if you want to customize one of the built-in distributed skins, just copy it to the new /wp-content/plugins/slidedeck-skin folder and edit away; your modified skin will be used instead of the default one. Be sure to place your custom skins in this folder as well so they are not accidentally erased upon updating the plugin.

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    Hey Todd, thanks for your comment. I think you might like the details that Jamie and the team provide at this post. Hopefully it solves your issue:



    I love this release. Great product. But.
    As a recent PRO user my chief concern is when, oh when, will you guys add simple default Forward & Back navigation options for the standard slider (not just for smart slider)? It’s a UI fundamental thing.

    The point of the WP plug-in is so we can hand over content management to users. As it stands I can’t trust the Slidedeck to them yet with out basic features like this simply implemented with out backend dev work involved.

    Any news?



    SO does this mean we can import the Examples from this blog post, , or is still not an easy option?



      Hi Andrew,
      Unfortunately there are still one or two technical hurdles preventing us from implementing all the vertical slide features we want into WordPress. We are currently working on a solution to this and it will make it into the plugin (along with the custom skins) as soon as it’s ready for the end user.