WordPress 3.3 Released
Better Rich Text Editors
New SlideDeck Update!

In the grand tradition of the WordPress update haiku and WordPress 3.3 gold release right around the corner, we would like to present the latest version of SlideDeck JavaScript Core and SlideDeck for WordPress! WordPress 3.3 is going to bring some fantastic new editing features and we’re taking advantage of them in this release as well as implementing some great interface improvements and bug fixes. Check out whats new!

Full WordPress 3.3 Support

WordPress 3.3 is greatly improving the way the rich text editor is implemented, making it extremely easy to integrate into any plugin… which unfortunately breaks every single hack that was previously required to implement these editors. This new implementation required a lot of code re-writing to make things work, which had the added benefit of allowing us to implement some great improvements:

  • Improved data storage for better HTML support in visual and HTML editors
  • Improved technical implementation of slide editors for better cross-browser compatibility and quicktag support (in WordPress 3.3+ only)
  • Greatly improved preview window for much more accurate previews

Better Configuration Options

More configuration options have been added to the manual and dynamic SlideDeck editing views for greater control over how users interact with your SlideDeck. We have consolidated many of the configuration options for dynamic SlideDecks to be in one place and given you the ability to control touch screen swipe support.

Bug Fixes Galore!

We’ve implemented a bunch of fixes for better Internet Explorer support, better skin handling in the editing interface and fixed some bugs when looping slide playback. We’re pretty happy with this release, but as always, there may be some unique environment out there we haven’t encountered yet, so be sure to post your bug reports on our support forum.

Here’s the detailed change set for this release:

  • Added support for WordPress 3.3
  • Re-factored much of the TinyMCE implementation to accommodate better for cross-browser and WordPress version support
  • Improved SlideDeck editor interface to not load all available skin files, only loading the skin that the SlideDeck was last saved with
  • Improved SlideDeck preview window to size properly and accommodate better for skins that have padding
  • Improved SlideDeck skin support interaction to automatically set and lock-out required SlideDeck settings
  • Added Touch Screen configuration options
  • Consolidated playback and interaction options for Smart SlideDecks with the rest of the options in the interface instead of being in the sidebar
  • Re-factored commands for adding slides to a regular SlideDeck to use an AJAX based routine for both vertical and horizontal slide addition. This was done to accommodate for WordPress 3.3’s new TinyMCE implementation (wp_editor()).
  • Fixed issues with TinyMCE and Internet Explorer that was preventing the editing interface from working properly
  • Improved slide data storage method with WordPress 3.3 that allows for better HTML markup support in visual editor and HTML editor
  • Updated SlideDeck JavaScript core to 1.3.2
  • Fixed looping bug when vertical slides were the last slide in a SlideDeck
If you are a PRO user, be sure to check your Inbox for a download link to the latest version of SlideDeck. Lite users, be sure to update your plugin in your WordPress control panel, or if you are using the JavaScript library, just download it again from our download page.
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    • Jason
      Jason says:

      Hi Brent

      We’re not offering a free version of SlideDeck 2 just yet, but we’ll be making some updates to our website soon to give people a better idea of what it’s like to use it. Keep ‘em peeled!

  1. Liza
    Liza says:

    I’m testing the free version and I notice that ALL of the skins display the post titles to the side of the post and image and literally flipped sideways (WHO reads sideways?). Besides being unattractive, that sideways display is not read-friendly. I was testing this plug-in to see if it is worth buying the pro version but I hate the way this looks and am not motivated to use the free version or pay for it. I’m uninstalling it, but you guys should do something about the way the post title displays because it looks horrible.

    • Jason
      Jason says:

      Hi Liza

      It sounds like something’s up with your particular case, as the slide titles aren’t supposed to display the way you describe in all instances. I’d recommend you turn off all your plugins (except SlideDeck), and reactivate them one-by-one to determine if there’s a conflict. Alternatively, try switching to the default WordPress theme, as something in your current theme may be conflicting with it.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Pascal
    Pascal says:

    Hi Guys, me too i am facing troubles now.

    The size of my various SlideSecks are now locked to the dimension 100% x 300px when it should be at
    100% x 610px to display the correctly the info.

    I tried to modify the parameters on the side panel back to the correct size. To now avail; when upadating it goes back to 300 px.

    In the mean time the code line in the post is still the correct one: [SlideDeck id='1688' width='100%' height='610px']

    This a serious problem to me and frankly I need a solution asap.



  3. Melvin Chuleria
    Melvin Chuleria says:

    SlideDeck used to work fine before WordPress updated to 3.3, it does not slide anymore. If anybody can help me out, I would appreciate it. i’ve been testing the lite version before going Pro to se if it fully compatible with my blog. here’s my blog http://mr-chuleria.com/ so you can take at look at it. I’m using the SlideDeck on Tutorials Tab too, it worked fine before the update, both slideDecks.

    • Jason
      Jason says:

      Hi Melvin

      WordPress 3.3 was a major update that dramatically changed a bunch of things that SlideDeck relied on to work. Luckily, our latest version is WP 3.3 compatible, so all you need to do is grab it from the update email you should have received.



  4. Richard London
    Richard London says:

    I don’t think I have recieved an email containing a download link to this version.
    This version will still work in WordPress 3.2.1 won’t it?


  5. Tom Church
    Tom Church says:

    Hi, since updating my Slidedeck to 1.4.5 for WordPress, the admin editor no longer works. I am unable to switch to HTML view by clicking the HTML tab, and the Visual view does not show any of the usual WYSIWYG buttons. Any text that I type in the editor box is white, so you can’t see it unless it’s highlighted… I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin many times, to no avail.


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