The Summer of SlideDeck is here!

SlideDeck 2.2 update is here: massively faster loading & new CSS editor!

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The Summer of SlideDeck is here!

We’ve wrestled, debated, whiteboarded and coded a bunch of your most-requested new features for SlideDeck, but the one thing we all immediately agreed on is that you guys shouldn’t have to wait for us to create one big update in order to get your hands on them. So we decided to do something a little different – this summer, we’re releasing the new features each month! We’re calling it the “Summer of SlideDeck” – mainly because it sounds cool, and not at all because we love belting out that similarly-titled Bryan Adams song in the shower…

Each update is free for valid license holders – all you guys need to do is update to the latest version of the plugin via your WordPress admin. If your license is close to expiring, or has already expired, you can renew now for 25 – 50% off!

In this month’s update, we’ve given SlideDeck a massive speed boost & a new CSS editor – learn more about them below!

Now loading up to 8x faster!

Believe it or not, this example SlideDeck contains 50 images & videos – try it! (Thanks to Playmo & FPS Russia)

One of the most popular requests we’ve gotten from you guys is to make SlideDeck faster, and with good reason – what’s the use of putting 15 videos on the page, if it slows your users’ experience to a crawl? With the latest update, the slide content is only loaded on-demand (aka “lazy loaded”), meaning you can now build dozens of images and videos into your slider, without any impact on the page loading speed!

Implementing Lazy Loading

Here’s the best part – for the vast majority of you, all you need to do to put the pedal to the metal with your SlideDecks’ loading speed is update! This new feature will instantly be applied to all your existing SlideDecks!

If you’ve been pushing the envelope and creating your own Lenses, there are a couple of extra steps necessary, but fret not – we’re compiling a handy guide to implement lazy loading in custom Lenses. In the meantime, post a ticket in the support forum for help with updating your Lenses.


  1. I downloaded a premium lens (Classic, Fashion, Half-Moon, Polarad, Titles, Leather) and it does not show any images!
    The problem here is likely that you’re on an older version of SlideDeck and are trying to use a lens that is lazy-loading compatible. The fix is simply to upgrade to the latest version.
  2. Lazy Loading doesn’t work/doesn’t make a difference!
    This is due to a premium lens that was not upgraded to a lazy-loading compatible version – just log in to your DT account to grab the latest version! Alternatively, you might be using a custom lens that was not adjusted to take advantage of Lazy Loading yet. Fret not! Let us know via the support forum, and we’ll help you out.
There are bound to be questions, so keep them coming, and we’ll update this post as we get new ones that would be helpful to share.

Make it yours with the new CSS editor

The new CSS Editor in SlideDeck 2.2

Sometimes you just need to make a tiny adjustment to really get SlideDeck fitting in seamlessly with your theme, but that often means having to add a bunch of code either to your header, or even worse, to a specific page template. This is no longer necessary thanks to the new CSS Editor, available to Professional & Developer tier users! With this update, you can now enter CSS styles directly within the editing screen, and they’ll be applied to that particular SlideDeck. Better yet, you can still see the effect of your styles in the live preview area. Hassle-free styling is now within your reach – you’re welcome!

Next Month: Facebook + NextGen Gallery + more awesome

In addition to all this good stuff, we’ve been working on implementing support for two new Content Sources – Facebook Pages and NextGen Gallery! Keep ‘em peeled for more announcements on those. In the meantime, remember, you’ll need a valid license to get access to these awesome new features! If your license expires soon, or has already expired, renew now to make sure you don’t miss them!

Have you tried out the new features yet? Are you excited for next month’s release? Let us know in the comments!

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    Sam Clark

    When I choose the source as a Post Category that i have made myself, the slide deck sticks on ‘We’re Decking out your content’? Any suggestions?



    This is very disappointing. I saw this blog post, which listed WPML support as one of the 2.2 features.

    I came back to see how it was implemented, after upgrading to 2.2, and was very disappointed to now hear that it’s been totally punted to the unforeseeable future.

    I’ve got multiple sites waiting on this feature, and now will have to also explore removing SlideDeck2 from those sites in favor of some other solution.

    Hopefully it will be implemented sooner rather than later.




      Hi Michael – we are actually working with the WPML team to get some better language handling in the Plugin. Technically it already works well, there is 1 issue with categories in posts where the names/slugs are different. We are working to get those associations preserved, so the SD pulls in the equivalent content. Thanks for your patience!



    Thanks for the reply Jason.

    It is a bummer that we’ll have to pull SD2 from my current client’s site and find another solution after pushing for year. Definitely not something I look forward to doing.

    I really think that there is a market out there for being able to translate post sliders (category specific) that SD would benefit from capturing if you can get the WPML compatibility worked in. I realize there are other translation tools, but WPML is one of the popular.

    However, I look forward to checking out custom lenses.



    Jason –

    You’ve been nice enough to reply to everyone that has posted here except my post asking whether the WPML compatibility was included or will be during the summer of Slidedeck. What gives?



      Hey Cole

      Thanks for being a consistent advocate for this feature! To give you a straight answer: no, we’re not planning on building in support for WPML this Summer – we weighed a bunch of features based on providing benefit to as many users as possible versus what we can feasibly ship in time, and WPML didn’t make the cut, although it’s definitely on our radar to implement in a future release.



    I DO plan on renewing – I just have it on my calendar for June 20th to renew (my renewal date.) 🙂 Didn’t really want to have to mess with my budgeting because of an upcoming trip but would have renewed earlier IF that was the only way to get the renewal discount.

    Glad to hear that that’s the standard renewal rate.

    Honestly … I think I could have found the info in my email because I think I asked that same question before my initial purchase since it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a plugin. It’s been well worth the expense though!



    Definitely way faster which is fantastic ! I can start deploying it on new sites again 🙂

    The only slight downside is that the very useful “Use Google Libraries” plugin is not longer compatible:

    If this plugin is active then the deck just sits there saying “decking out your content”, but never loads.



      Thanks for the heads-up, Richard! I’m assuming you deactivated all your plugins, then reactivated one-by-one with SD 2.2 running, to determine that it’s the Google Libraries plugin? If so, definitely post a support ticket, and we’ll look into it:


    Oliver Nielsen

    So the premium lenses are updated to support lazy loading as well?


    Oliver Nielsen

    +1! Would be a major productivity booster!


    Oliver Nielsen

    I was just about to ask for the same feature. A pinterest button would be nice in the share overlay.



    How long do you plan on having the renewal price at 25-50% off (or is that how much it always is?) That’s always been something I’ve been a little mixed up on. My license expires/need to be renewed June 20th which is just far enough out that I just wanted to renew on the planned date. 🙂



      Hi Hilary – that’s always what the renewal price is: 25% off for Personal users, and 50% off for Professional & Developer tier users. I hope we can convince you to renew! =)



    Loving the speed improvements, sadly custom video slides with vimeo links have stopped working all together.



    Forget to link to an example of the pinterest thing I mentioned, see here: and see the first slideshow with the hover effect to add to pinterest using the plugin I mentioned. The slider still accepts that function of the pinterest plugin even though they were created by two separate people.



    Hey guys! Loving these new updates. Definitely loads faster and moves smoother. I’d love to see an update with the Share feature, to include pinterest perhaps? Or even to have it work with the “Pinterest Pin It Button” plugin for wordpress. I see the Easing Slider has that function where the images/slides in the slideshow also can be given the pinthis class. That would make it easier for all our readers to share our pictures on Pinterest.

    Overall, I look forward to the rest of updates that would come out. Another great thing to consider: html titles that can move in line by line or titles that can be moved independently of the slide and placed anywhere we choose on the slides.



      Thanks very much, Sasha-Shae! Yes, we’ve been waiting for a while for Pinterest to release its official public API, so we can integrate it. At time of writing, though, it’s still not yet been made available =/ That being said, we’re totally open to trying out an integration if enough people want it. Feel free to post the idea in our feature request forum:



    I am happy to hear about the speed improvement.

    We stopped using SlideDeck due to the hit on our page load times.

    Every precious millisecond counts especially on a tourism site and hopefully we will be able to start using Slide Deck again – it is a way cool plugin.

    One issue we had with the last version was the hit on page speed caused by the TWITTER API loading.

    Technical support was very knowledgeable and provided a fix for disabling this in the theme functions file.

    I hope and expect that this issue has been addressed, or at lest an option is there for disabling this from the Slide Deck control panel.




      You better Belize it! (sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 )

      Yep, we were thrilled to be able to send out such a massive improvement with this release. To answer your question about Twitter, we haven’t addressed that yet, but are looking at the future of the Twitter integration with SlideDeck very closely. We’ll have more announcements about this very soon.


    Jonathan Ober

    I’m more interested in the ability to update the slidedeck defaults. I have 100+ slidedecks that I need to make and their settings all need to be the same, I.e. size, lens used, navigation position, appearance color and more. Is there any way to make those settings default, or “send them out” to all of my slidedecks? Or do I have to do that manually each time or through some MySQL trickier?



      Hi Jonathan

      Right now, you can clone SlideDecks from the Manage screen, but we’re definitely looking at ways to help you adjust the look and behaviors of SlideDecks across more than just one slide. Keep an eye out for more announcements on this!



    Haven’t checked out the new features yet but look forward to custom lenses in a big way. Updating our local testing install now!

    I don’t want to dampen the parade of new features. I’m sure they will rock, which is why we have a Pro/Dev license.

    HOWEVER, the most important thing for us right now is to know is whether the WPML compatibility will be included in any of these summer monthly releases. This affects existing clients and upcoming projects. We can’t keep our clients in the dark. They have waited anxiously for this new release in hopes of our issues being solved.

    A straightforward yes or no would allow us to move on for the existing client needs, if necessary, and to plan for our upcoming content translation projects. Or, if the answer is yes, we can finally give our clients a timeline for category specific post slider translation.

    Our clients love SD, but those that have multilingual sites have been frustrated by a year of trying to get SD and WPML to work together with no progress. The number of multilingual sites is only growing and using SD in them is our desire.