Introducing SlideDeck 2.3 – With NextGen Gallery and Facebook Support!

On July 8, 20139 Comments

We’re excited to announce that SlideDeck 2.3 is here! The shiny new version of SlideDeck comes loaded with two of the most-requested features we’ve ever had: NextGen Gallery and Facebook Page support. We’re excited to launch these and believe that these new sources make SlideDeck more flexible and feature-rich than ever before. You photographers among us will be thrilled with NextGen support. And if you run or manage a Facebook page you can now share your status updates with your website visitors. Both options are just a few clicks away with SlideDeck 2.3. Simply update your plugin and you’re good to go!

NextGen Gallery

Why should you be excited by NextGen Gallery support? With more than 6 million downloads, NextGen is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin in the world. Photographers in particular love it for the ability to upload, batch edit, group photos into galleries, and re-arrange photos into whatever order suits you most. Its power and flexibility has made it a favorite for WordPress photo management for a long time. Now you can get the best of both worlds: best in class photo management and best in class display through SlideDeck 2.3.

Accessing and using your NextGen content is easy with SlideDeck 2.3. It’s listed with the other Dynamic Content sources. Simply choose NextGen gallery, navigate to the images or album you want to add, and voila, NextGen images delivered in all their glory via SlideDeck.

NextGen Gallery Image Support

Facebook Pages

If you’re working with clients that have Facebook Pages, or you maintain one yourself, you’ll be glad to know that you can now import your Facebook Page posts into your SlideDeck. With the new feature, you can connect to any Facebook Page you manage and then specify whether to pull just your Page posts, or all posts on a Page into your SlideDeck.

This new feature is a great way to keep your website visitors aware of what’s happening on your Facebook Page. When your website visitors know you have an active Facebook Page they’ll be more interested in liking you and engaging with you on Facebook as well.

Facebook Page Content Source for SlideDeck

One thing to note with Facebook is that after 60 days Facebook will automatically expire the token that grants SlideDeck access to the pages you manage. This means that every 60 days you’ll need to re-authenticate in order to keep your Facebook content fresh in SlideDeck. If you don’t authenticate once the token has expired we’ll continue to display the cache of Facebook posts in your deck, so you won’t have any blank slides. You will however notice that new posts aren’t appearing until you reauthenticate. You can manage this from the source configuration page in the SlideDeck Admin.

Enjoy the Summer of SlideDeck!

We hope you’re enjoying the Summer of SlideDeck. With the addition of lazy loading, CSS editing, NextGen Gallery and Facebook, SlideDeck has made some major strides this summer. If you haven’t updated yet, you’re missing out! It’s just a couple of clicks away in the admin. If your license has expired you can renew now and get the new features immediately.

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    What is the correct configuration for Facebook integration on SD 2.3.3. I keep getting a message that it can’t find my content and to check my source settings. Jason? Anyone?



      Hey Nadine – you can hit us up on our support forum to get an update that addresses this issue, and that we’re testing before a full release.


    Spencer Dahl

    Does slidedeck.js have Facebook integration?



      Hi Spencer

      Not out-of-the-box, no – SlideDeck.js is more for Web developers who wanna get their hands dirty with custom integrations. It’s most likely possible somehow, but you’d be building that functionality from scratch.



    Will the FB addition allow all comments from an events page?



      Hey Richard – not yet. We’re dipping our toes in FB with this update, as there’s TONS of content types in the platform (some of them a bit tricky to get to), and we want to see whether there’s the appetite for more robust Facebook integration in future updates.


    Kimber Anderson

    This is such a drastic improvement, I’m sure you just kicked your client base WAY up. NextGen is a life saver for those of us with lots of photos and OCD about organizing them. You guys ROCK. This is the best update yet!



      Thanks a lot, Kimber! Yeah, we’ve been eyeing NGG for a while now – feels great to have something in place!


    Jessica Zurik

    I love the Facebook integration feature!