SlideDeck 3.0 Released !

SlideDeck 3.0 Released !

In my last post, I told you about how we’ve been brainstorming and trying to come up with a wishlist for SlideDeck 3. When we got started, we had a lot of discussion and believe it or not , our first list had over 100 ideas. We whittled it down to around 72, but yes, we could tell that was still a lot. That’s when we realized we couldn’t do it without help from you and launched the survey. Thanks to the feedback that all of you shared , it steered us in the right direction. In the absence of that, I think we would still be agonizing over what stays and what goes.

Mission Statement on our Whiteboard

Armed with your suggestions, we came up with a mission statement of sorts. Here’s a screenshot of our whiteboard –

SlideDeck Whiteboard small

SlideDeck 3 should be

  • fast (& furious ?)
  • responsive ( truly responsive)
  • SEO-friendly (much-loved by Google)
  • the best slider. period.

All ideas were mapped to this mission statement and fancy features that looked ‘cool’ but didnt really add any value were ruthlessly done away with. We then decided that instead of building a really grand slider for 6 months and then launching it , we would release often , get feedback, react quickly and incorporate that feedback immediately.

So here’s what made the first cut –

1. Performance – Improved load and transition times
There seemed to have been an overwhelming majority of votes for this – some of you voiced this via the survey and some via emails.
We set up a test server and a slider which had an average response time of 4.5s. And I am happy to announce that today’s SlideDeck 3.0 averages 1.2 second !

loading time reduced

2. SEO Friendlymake it easier for images to be picked up by Google
Images used to be displayed using div tags, we’ve now used image tags and set the slide title as an ALT tag. Up next, the ability to specify the alt tag for each slide.


3.Responsive – (mostly so)
We did some introspection and realized that yes, Slidedeck 2 is responsive, but the definition of what’s ‘responsive’ has changed a lot since SlideDeck was launched.
It’s not enough to just work , it needs to look good, really good, on all mobile devices, just like it was designed for that device.
So we got rid of the iframe and have been thoroughly testing the new version across all browsers and devices, a few more tweaks can be expected in the next release. If you find something we missed, please do let us know.


Some of the items that didn’t make the cut ( for the first release) , but are high on our priority list –

  • HTML5
  • integration with WordPress Media Library
  • the ability to save settings for each slide (within a slider)
  • modern + flat designs for lenses

So that’s that –  3.0 is out today and 3.1 is around the corner, already planned for next month.

For today though, excuse us, while we make our way out to parrrtttty :-)

Sure you have questions !

Q. I have an active license for SlideDeck 2 – how do I get SlideDeck 3 ?
A. Just drop a note to [email protected] and we will let you know how you can get a limited time launch offer of 75% off on SlideDeck 3.
Your support will go a long way in helping us keep SlideDeck alive and kicking.

Q. I have an expired license for SlideDeck 2 – how do I get SlideDeck 3 ?
A. Just drop a note to [email protected] and we will share details on how you can get a discount of 25% off Personal and 50% off Developer and Professional SlideDeck 3.
Your support will go a long way in helping us keep SlideDeck alive and kicking.

Q. Okay, so I’ve now purchased SlideDeck3. What happens to the sliders that I created using SlideDeck2 ? How do I migrate ?
A. We completely understand the pain of migrating all your beautiful slides – so, guess what ? you don’t have to.
Simply deactivate SlideDeck2 and activate SlideDeck3 – that’s it, all your slides will auto-migrate seamlessly !

Q. Do you have any discounts for educational institutions or for non-profits ?
A. Of course ! Just shoot us a note with some information about your organization, and we’ll get you sorted out.

Get SlideDeck 3

8 Comments on “SlideDeck 3.0 Released !

  1. Unable to complete purchase as your cart system fails to authenticate properly for paypal accounts that have 2nd level authentication…

    3 attempts with no success…

    Also your FAQ is incorrect with licensing terms for the lifetime edition showing that version 3 isn’t even covered… Someone needs to review the documentation properly…

    • Hey Martin,

      Oops – am working on that , should be done!! Just noticed that you have successfully purchased SD3 – welcome to SD3!!

      Ah, what with all our excitement about SlideDeck3, missed those FAQs. All done – check out the new section SlideDeck3 on our support forum.


  2. You mentioned your test server had a slider with a response time of 4.5 seconds. What was the criteria of the test? Which slider was compared against? Of course 1.2 seconds is a great result. Could you show us the test slider?

    Thank you.

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