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PRO TIP: Get Visual. Add a Background Image.

On September 13, 20114 Comments
Zach Braff in Garden State

Backgrounds are great - but try to make sure your content stands out, mm-kay?

Looking for a quick and easy way to add some personality to your SlideDeck? Add a background image. Whether you go subtle or bold, background images can transform your SlideDeck design from ho-hum to awe-some. And the best part? It’s easy. With SlideDeck for WordPress you don’t need to know CSS to add pro design touches, it’s all part of the admin interface. Just upload the image you want to use as the background for each slide and you’re pretty much good to go.

For all of our SlideDeck for WordPress users out there, here’s how to add a background image:

1. Make sure you have SlideDeck Pro.

 Don’t have PRO yet? Fret not – you can instantly upgrade right here.

2. Navigate to the slide you want to add the background image to.

3. Upload the image to the WordPress Media Gallery by clicking on the image icon at the top of the text editor.

4. Set the image as the background image by clicking the Upload/Set button below the text editor.

For the best results, make sure your image is sized appropriately for your SlideDeck.

5. Navigate to the image in the Media Gallery modal window and copy the Link URL.

6. Close the Media Gallery and paste the URL into the Slide Background Image URL field.

7. Click Upload/Set.

Nice work. You’ve just added a touch of style and class to your SlideDeck. If you’ve created an awesome SlideDeck using background images, let us know in the comments!

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    Andrew Brown

    Where is he Slide Background Image URL box? I have pro version but cannot see this feature on my slide options




    Thanks for a awesome plugin.
    I’m struggling with a problem: I added vertical slides in my slidedeck, and I want different background images for each vertical slide. But that doesn’t seam possible. I tried uploading a picture and place text on top of it by using simple html – but the picture is not displayed.

    Can you think of any solution to that problem?

    Best regards,




      Hi Anne – you’re welcome!

      Unfortunately, it’s not possible to include different background images for vertical slides in the WordPress plugin, without some custom HTML/CSS – the idea is that the vertical slides allow your user to drill down into related content within a particular slide. You could, however, do this quite easily with the jQuery version.

      Hope that helps!