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SlideDeck Delivers a 21.6% Increase in Conversions to

On December 14, 20101 Comment

CrazyEgg is an analytics company that creates heat map data visualizations, showing website owners where visitors click the most. The company’s signature click heat maps let customers discover exactly how visitors are using their website; providing the insight needed to optimize the site for increased conversions and sales.  The heat maps make complicated click information easy to understand and have made CrazyEgg a popular analytics tool for website owners, including customers like Amazon, eBay, and Dell.

“CrazyEgg makes finding patterns in visitor behavior instantly obvious by representing clicks visually,” says co-founder Neil Patel.  “We wanted to make it easy for website owners to understand and act on the data available to them to improve their business.”

As CrazyEgg looked at their own visitor behavior, they realized they could do a better job of converting their own site traffic into new customers.

Solution: A clear, compelling product tour driven by SlideDeck

After many years with the same home page and stable conversion rates, Patel realized that more could be done to convert visitors to paying customers.  Knowing that the product’s benefits are the key to sales, Patel partnered with SlideDeck creators, digital-telepathy, to design a custom product tour for CrazyEgg.

“When people see how powerful and easy CrazyEgg is to use and how its insight can help improve their business, they’re ready to buy” said Patel.  “We believed that giving visitors an easy-to-understand tour of the product would be key to improving conversions.”

Patel liked how SlideDeck walks visitors through the product tour, from explaining the benefits of a product to creating a compelling call to action that leads to sales.  “Seeing the SlideDeck in action on other sites made it clear that it was the right solution for us,” said Patel.

SlideDeck Makes Creating Compelling Product Tours a Breeze

SlideDeck lets website owners create engaging product tours right out of the box.  Not only does SlideDeck come with preconfigured settings that let website owners create a product tour in a matter of minutes; it is also fully customizable, letting designers integrate seamlessly into their existing site design.

SlideDeck can be configured to: take on the styling of the parent website, use either horizontal or vertical slides, have multiple levels of slide navigation for complex subjects, and hold rich media elements like video and forms. The configurations are controlled via API, JavaScript or the WordPress administrative panel.

“Our goals with SlideDeck are two-fold,” said Chuck Longanecker, CEO of digital-telepathy.  “Create an easy to use, yet powerful product tour solution and cater to both one-man teams looking for a quick solution and to designers looking for ultimate control.”

“SlideDeck was the perfect solution to help us communicate the value of CrazyEgg to our website visitors,” said Patel.


The redesigned home page of now prominently features a SlideDeck product tour as the main point of visitor interaction.  And the redesign has worked.  Conversions are up 21.6% over the previous design.

Patel and the CrazyEgg team were impressed with SlideDeck, the ease of implementation, the flexibility to fit their unique needs and, most importantly, its ability to improve conversions.

“At the end of the day driving more sales is what this redesign was about,” said Patel.  “SlideDeck helped us communicate in a more compelling way, and the results have exceeded our expectations.”

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