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            Image Slider with Tiled Slide Down


            Impress website visitors by showcasing your designs, products, and photos with beautiful, responsive sliders & carousels.


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            Minimum Version


            An image makes your site more impressive and appealing. You can do away with hundreds of words with one illustrative and effective image. This is where the SlideDeck  WordPress image slider comes into the picture. This WordPress image slider plugin enables you to showcase your best works before your viewers. You can also display your achievements, timely offers, and many more things. This may even make your website more SEO friendly. The sky is your limit if you know how to use an image slider plugin for WordPress properly.

            WordPress Media

            Instagram Posts

            Flickr Photos

            Pinterest Pins

            Dribble Folio

            Google Plus

            Key benefits of using an image slider

            • Better visual appeal 
            • Increased traffic 
            • Better click-through rate

            Image Slider

            An image slider is a section on your website where you can feature your images. You can also run a slideshow with various effects using the slider. 

            Which sites are most suitable for this?

            An effective image attracts more visitors. It not just makes the site visually appealing but also increases the traffic. A website with powerful images is far more impressive than a text-heavy one. People get attracted to the site first by the look and then go through the texts. 

            Use the image slider if you want to :

            • Put content on a visually appealing slideshow 
            • Quickly show the highlights 
            • Make site more user friendly 

            A powerful image speaks more than words. It enhances the look of the website also and makes it catchy.

            The websites that should use image sliders are:

            • Photography websites 
            • Designers’ websites 
            • Architecture Websites 
            • Fashion Websites
            • Lifestyle Website 
            • Food Websites 
            • Portfolio websites 
            • Business websites