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            Tiled Slide Down


            Impress website visitors by showcasing your designs, products, and photos with beautiful, responsive sliders & carousels.


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            Minimum Version


            Load Images From Popular Sources

            With SlideDeck you can load images from your WordPress media folder or even popular social sites, including Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest.

            WordPress Media

            Instagram Posts

            Flickr Photos

            Pinterest Pins

            Dribble Folio

            Google Plus

            Create Carousels

            Showcase multiple image together in a single surface for a lot of information in a small area. Carousels find their greatest use in websites that rely heavily on visuals.

            Carousels can also be incorporated in showing off detailed product shots while saving 

            Vertical / Horizontal Slider

            Have everything and anything you wanted about horizontal and Vertical Sliders. Multiple images help convey more information even before reading the text

            Thumbnails Slider

            It is most popular way to create a thumbnails sliders .

            Prevent users form skipping over your sliders by teasing them with thumbnails images of your slides. That way your website visitor will stay longer on your website and look at all yours slides