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Impress website visitors by showcasing your designs, products, and photos with beautiful, responsive sliders & carousels.


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A thumbnail slider is that section on your site where you put your works on display. A thumbnail slider is a great way to showcase your portfolio projects on your site.  SlideDeck thumbnail slider for WordPress contains a series of images on a slider. You can click through the responsive thumbnail gallery to view the series of images. 

Whether you are a designer, a photographer, an architect or a construction company, there is no better way to project your works before site visitors.  You can also arrange your works as per the timeline to show their progress. The WordPress slider plugin allows you to project your works from different angles. It shows different aspects of your works. 

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Thumbnails are also great navigation elements. They can show a preview of your slides. The greater advantage of having thumbnail is their reduced file size. A website becomes much faster with thumbnails. 

Some advantages of using SlideDeck Thumbnail Slider are :

  • Better Engagement of viewers 
  • Faster Loading Speed 
  • User Friendliness 
  • Space-saving

Who should use it?

Anybody who wants to display his works on his site may go for SlideDeck Thumbnail Slider. It is a  responsive slider with thumbnail effect. It makes the pages more attractive and visually appealing. It is mainly for :

  • Those who want to display a product that works in a series of steps
  • Those who want to speed up their sites 
  • Those who would like their users to navigate between the slides

Thumbnails Slider

All creative and business websites need a display.  SlideDeck Thumbnail Slider is for any creative, agency or corporate website. It comes with a stunning responsive thumbnail gallery for display.  Its image slider with thumbnails makes the display much easier. It is most suitable for:

  • Photographers
  • Architects 
  • Fashion Designers
  • Chefs 
  • Travel Blogs 
  • eCommerce Sites