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SlideDeck Marketing Manager Hiring Test – Do You Pass?

On January 26, 20110 Comments

To be honest, I am a lazy Tweeter, Facebooker and all around promoter of the cool shit that we do with SlideDeck. I’d rather focus on advancing the product development and hire a rockstar to champion the product. So if you are interested, take the quick test below and, if you pass, click on the details for the position.

Hiring Test, Part 1:

Hey you. Pssst…yea, you. Do you think the web would be a better place if every website used a SlideDeck to explain their message?

If you said “Yes” or “Kinda” or even “Maybe,” you pass. Proceed to part 2.

Hiring Test, Part 2:

Do you have the gusto and skills to develop and execute a marketing plan that nurtures authentic growth of our message, product and community? If you said (out loud or in your head), “Oh hells yea!” You passed! Proceed to Results.

Results: If you pass the test, click below. If not, we love you anyway.

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