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SlideDeck Presentation Software – Now Available As Free Download!

On December 18, 20091 Comment

SlideDeck Lite
You asked for it and we answered in record time! We have just released SlideDeck Lite, a free version of unique our presentation software for download. SlideDeck Lite is a limited version of the feature-rich SlideDeck Pro. It’s a great way to give the product a try and immediately improve the performance of your website.

SlideDeck feature comparison
SlideDeck Lite SlideDeck Pro
Includes Custom Theme Completely Customizable
Horizontal Scrolling Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling
SlideDeck Branding No Branding
Mouse Click Scrolling Supports Mousewheel/Keyboard Scrolling
Free Upgrades Free Upgrades

As I mentioned in my original post, the goal of SlideDeck, is to make it easier for users to digest and understand the content of a website. We created the software to replace the web’s current model of text heavy services pages, unclear product tours and confusing process diagrams with a fun, quick and beautiful way to interact with websites.

Here are a few ways you can use SlideDeck Lite to enhance your user experience:

  • Product Tours
  • Service Descriptions
  • Explaining Complex Processes
  • How-To Tutorials
  • Feature Rich Slide Shows
  • Landing Pages
  • Sharing Ideas

SlideDeck is currently a JavaScript library for a jQuery Slider plugin and WordPress Slider Plugin. Download it and try it out.

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