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SlideDeck Pro User Survey Results

On August 9, 20103 Comments

We built SlideDeck for designers and developers (just like us) who wanted more out of the current tools that power their websites. Our core belief is that if we create powerful, beautiful and usable products, then our web design community will use them to make both their life and job easier.

Now that SlideDeck is in your hands, we know the best way to evolve the product will come from your feedback. To that end, we recently surveyed a segment of SlideDeck Pro users to learn more about how we can improve the product. Some of the highlights are below as well as a few of our thoughts.

What type of user are you?
We were surprised that only 5% of Pro users consider themselves pure developers. Now that we know that you’re more likely to be a hybrid designer/developer or a pure designer we’re putting more effort into our GUI administration and dynamic functionality.

User Type

Where do you work?
We weren’t surprised to see most of you guys are for-hire web mercenaries. As a result, we’ll continue to tailor our products, pricing and support for individuals like you instead of large organizations. We also noticed a rising number of education and non-profit users and will be evaluating special programs and pricing for these users.

Work Status

Why SlideDeck?
This is the big one. As design geeks, we’re thrilled to see that design was the main reason for using SlideDeck. We’ll continue to make design, ease-of-use and powerful features our top priorities. Some of you mentioned issues with support. We know support has been a challenge at times. We’re a very small shop and simply can’t get to every request right away. However, we dig into each issue you help identify and always do our best to provide personal and diligent service. Our support will be a core area of improvement as the SlideDeck user-base grows. Here are a few comments from this survey question:

*It APPEARED* to have better features/support. However, I have been unimpressed with support responsiveness and I’m VERY concerned about the lack of proactive work to make this compatible with WP 3.0 *before* WP 3.0 officially launched.

We hear you. The plugin wasn’t ready for WP 3.0 at launch time. However, I think we’ve made a good recovery with the latest version. In addition, we’ve made compatibility our core development priority for the month to make sure we get it right.

I initially recall discovering an issue with their current release and after some light research I learned that they were indeed aware of the bug and that it had been fixed internally but was not slated to be readily available for download until the next major release (which they assured would be quite timely). After their tech support learned of my dilemma I was e-mailed the unreleased update that evening–who does that??? That is pure quality and what building TRUE customer loyalty is ALL about. The developer that was helping me even ASKED if I could shoot him a link to the site once it was completed to get a feel for how my imagination ran wild their product…again, so thoughtful, kind, and certainly in the realm of “wow that has never happened to me before.”

We hope our dedication to quality comes through in everything we do. We’ve been beta testing fixes with individual users to avoid unstable updates. Once our beta users are happy, we’ll bake them into the next release.

Why SlideDeck?

Was SlideDeck worth it?
Phew! We are glad that the majority thinks so. However, we are dedicated to working on the other 33% that are not absolutely sure. Unfortunately, we didn’t request more of an explanation of why people are neutral or unhappy. Please feel free to chime in with comments below if you are one of those people.

Worth it?

More products from digital-telepathy?
Aww, shucks…we’d be happy to. In fact, we have a teaser page up for our next product. The Hello Bar is a remotely controlled toolbar that sits on the top of your website to as a dynamic and simple way to grab your users’ attention. Sign up for the beta.

more products?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey and to all of our users. We’re here to help you make the web a better looking and more usable place for everyone. Your feedback is critical to achieving that goal. Be on the look out for another survey from us in the future. If a moment of inspiration hits you though, don’t wait, just drop us a note or a comment. We love to hear from our users.

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    if i can offer one suggestion on your UI design, it would be to make it easier to upload an image to a slide. This is the one function that I imagine happens the most with a slider. I am able to upload the image, but after a user browses the image, THEN they have to click upload on the right? That is an extra step that is easily missed, and I would prefer it if the user clicks the image to upload in the browse function that it immediately starts uploading. Look at how WordPress handles media upload. You could even make it similar to that experience where the user drags the image to upload into the window.

    I’ve missed updating and adding slides several times as the UI is counter intuitive and demands extra clicks and thinking. I surely can’t be the only one who has had this happen. I do we development and graphic design, so I feel like I’m not just the lay person having a challenge here.

    Keep up the great work, the new version is awesome!

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