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SlideDeck Pro Version 1.1 Released!

On March 12, 20101 Comment

Whats new in Version 1.1?

SlideDeck Pro Version 1.1 is out and we’ve added a ton of functionality based off of a lot of user requests and our own ideas. Pro Users, you’ll be getting an update email in your Inbox with a link to the downoad the new version. Lite Users, you’re getting an update too, just visit the Download Page and get the latest version.

What About the Lite Version?

Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about the Lite version users. The new 1.1 version of SlideDeck Lite includes all of the Library Improvements listed below and now includes an un-locked stylesheet! You can now place the SlideDeck files anywhere in your file tree, edit the appearance of the SlideDeck, and use skins!

New Ways to Interact with SlideDeck:

  • Control Slide Progress – Create a SlideDeck with a multi-step form and control how far your user can progress before answering questions. See this in action on the 90-Day Guitar Guides Quiz. Turn on progress control with the controlProgress option, then move users to new slides with the progressTo() method.
  • Hide your Slide Titles – Need more room for your slides? Hide the spines between each slide with the hideSpines option. See this in action on our new Examples Page.
  • Auto Play and Cycling – Start playing your slides automatically and even allow them to cycle back around to the first slide after playing through all of them. Turn on Auto Play with the autoPlay and autoPlayInterval option and turn on cycling with cycle option. If a user navigates to a slide or interacts with your SlideDeck with the keyboard or mousewheel, Auto Play stops automatically. You can also pause and un-pause Auto Play manually with the pauseAutoPlay parameter.
  • Disable Slides – Have even further control over interaction with your slides. Disable and enable slides on the fly with the new disableSlide() and enableSlide() methods.
  • Before and Callback on all slides – Run a function before or after each slide on your SlideDeck with the new before and complete options.

SlideDeck Library Improvements:

  • No Flicker Implementation – The short flicker of your un-formatted content before SlideDeck loads bugging you? Us too, so we found a better of implementing SlideDeck to fix it. Download the latest version of SlideDeck and you’ll see the new way of implementing SlideDeck on your website. You can also check out the new way of implementing SlideDeck in the Usage Documentation.
  • Firefox half-pixel rendering bug solution – Mozilla Firefox, as great of a browser as it is, has a little rendering quirk that would sometimes cause a single pixel width gap between slides. While this is not something we can fix as its a browser bug, we have changed the way that slides and spines lay next to each other. Now, slides will have padding instead of margin added to their left side to accommodate for the space a spine takes up. You may need to change your slide background images when you upgrade to accommodate for this if you aren’t using a repeating background; just add some padding to the left of the background equal to the width of the spine.
  • Easier Interaction – Interacting with a SlideDeck is now easier than ever. Now you can interact with any SlideDeck on a page without having to make sure its assigned to a variable instance first. You can of course still use the old method if you prefer, but this makes it easy to access SlideDecks that may be dynamically created.


    Instead of:

    var MySlideDeck = $('#MySlideDeck').slidedeck();;

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