SlideDeck update: little fixes & clickable background images!

On April 6, 20126 Comments

Heads-up folks, we’ve just made SlideDeck 2 a teeny bit better: our latest update (version 2.0.20120406, for you folks keeping score at home), contains lots of little fixes, and an awesome new feature that many of you have been requesting.

First, the big change: you can now make your whole slide background image clickable in your SlideDeck! It’s a breeze – just create your SlideDeck as normal, then toggle the “Clickable background image” option in the Content options panel:

Now you can make the whole background image clickable

Give it a whirl on your own SlideDecks today!

SlideDeck.js users are also getting some love in this update – you can grab the new version 1.3.6 from your download section. This new version includes a fix for the touch screen interaction.

In the meantime, we’ve had our noses to the grindstone, making a bunch of other tweaks and updates. Checkout the full changelog below:

  • Updated TinyMCE integration so it wouldn’t conflict when running side-by-side with SlideDeck 1 installations
  • Made accommodation to exclude password protected posts from WordPress Post Deck types
  • Added cache-busting uniqueid parameter to the iframe URLs in order to prevent cached query returns for overly-cached server configurations
  • Fixed bug with Youtube players that makes accommodation for Youtube videos that contain underscores in their IDs
  • Converted license key field on Advanced Options page to a password field
  • Added ability to link the entire slide to the slide title’s link – great for image only SlideDecks!
  • Added missing semi-colon to end of slidedeck-public.js file to help with minification inclusion on caching plugins
  • Updated preview, admin and public JavaScript asset files to reflect SlideDeck plugin version instead of individual file versions for simplicity and better update cache proofing
  • Added version numbers to iframe JavaScript and CSS file sources to cache bust

Got a question about these updates, or have a feature request? Let us know in the comments!


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    Your plugin was giving me something like 300 xhtml errors, I was about to go nuts, but with this version I think the errors came down to about 50, I hope you keep plucking away those errors and making it flawless!



      Ha, glad we’re making progress, Carlos =) I don’t know that those errors should be occurring, so please post a ticket in our support forum, and we can help you out.



    Just in time for the clickable background images.
    I was considering an alternative Slider but you just convinced me to stick with you 🙂



    Nice job on the full clickable side, we like! Easier to click a slide, than having a visitor ‘figure out’ to click the title!



      Thanks! Yes, we were playing around with SlideDeck and thought it’d be a welcome addition.