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SlideDeck WordPress Plugin Now Available!

On April 8, 201018 Comments

We asked you to vote on where you would like to see SlideDeck deployed next and we listened. We’ve been doing a private beta test on the SlideDeck WordPress plugin for a few weeks now and have just finished the gold release!

Code isn’t for everyone, but SlideDeck is. Create a SlideDeck on your blog in minutes and never touch a line of code!

SlideDeck Pro Version Users:

The WordPress plugin currently features the SlideDeck Lite, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use SlideDeck Pro with it. Just replace the slidedeck.jquery.js file in the lib folder with the one from your SlideDeck Pro version ZIP file. Don’t worry, a Pro version of the WordPress plugin will be coming in the future with features only accessible to those who have purchased SlideDeck Pro.

How to Install:

Installation is easy. You can search for the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory or install it manually from the download link above.

Installing from the WordPress Plugin Directory:

  1. Go to your WordPress blog’s admin control panel and browse to the Plugins section.
  2. Search for slidedeck in the search box in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the Install link for the SlideDeck Lite for WordPress plugin in the search results.

Installing Manually from the Download Page:

  1. Download the plugin from
  2. Upload (copy) the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. In your WordPress control panel browse to the Plugins section.
  4. Click on the Activate link for the SlideDeck Lite for WordPress plugin in the list of plugins.

How to Use:

  1. Click on the SlideDeck navigation element in the left-hand navigation of your WordPress control panel.
  2. Click on the Add New button next to the title of the overview page.
  3. Start flowing in content to the slides.
  4. Click the Save SlideDeck button to save your SlideDeck.
  5. Go to a post or a page and click on the Insert SlideDeck button in the right-hand sidebar module or the SlideDeck icon in the rich text editor.
  6. Choose a SlideDeck from the list of decks in the dialog box to insert it into the post.
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    I’m not sure why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if
    the problem still exists.



      Hi there

      Thanks for the heads-up! We’ve not been aware of any issues on this end. Let us know if you continue to have problems.



    Error when using the SD Smart

    I’m trying When Using an SD machine with the following configuration:
    CentOS. 5.3
    PHP 3.5.10
    MySql 5.0.45
    WP 3.3.2

    Place the post with only one SlideDeck and works normally, but when I include an SD smart he is in error, not the SD’s mostrandos The layout and breaking

    Noticed something about the treatment of jQuery anyone could give me a hand?

    Link Error:



    will it be possible to put a slide deck in a widget area? I have widgetized areas to the top, sides and bottom of content… ability to insert SD in one of these areas would be great…



      Hi Philip,
      Thanks for the suggestion. At this time I don’t believe we have any plans to add this feature. If we get enough requests for adding SlideDeck to a widgetized area, we might add this ability.


    Dave Shepard

    Hey Nic, we’re currently working on 3.0 support and should have it ready soon.



    still not ready for 3.0? my “insert into post” bttn is gone and I am using wordpress 3.0

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    very coool

    Thanks a lot


    Jamie Hamel-Smith

    Unfortunately the way that SlideDeck is currently setup, it’s not possible to insert an iFrame into the slide content area. It’s also not possible to insert one plugin into another.

    An alternative to placing a Google Map into the slide would be to use an image of a map instead.

    The ultimate workaround would be to use SlideDeck Pro which gives you complete freedom to insert/display anything as you control the HTML/CSS code.

    I’m sorry that we are not able to meet your needs at this point in time, but we are always looking to add new features and abilities to SlideDeck. I will make sure that our development team knows that there are users who want to embed iFrames and or Google Maps into SlideDecks and we may add these features in the future.

    Also, using our Get Satisfaction forum is the quickest way to get responses to questions like these, and to ensure that your reply does not get lost.



    Aftab Ahmed

    I want to insert a google map in one slide and contact form plugin in the slides but other plugins do not work within the slides.. Any workaround for this?


    Dave Shepard

    Hey guys, please post any bugs you are encountering with the WordPress plugin via the Report a bug for SlideDeck button in the interface. You can also just post directly to the Get Satisfaction thread that that button links to at:



    Sorry: this comment is for SlideDeck designer:

    It appers that in IE 8 It does not work. In firefox no problem, It appers well at widget area an inside post.

    What is it wrong?



    I can’t seem to ADD a 4th slide — I get an error message (Internal Server Error) appearing below the other 3 slides … where the 4th slide should go … instead of the area to type/edit etc.

    Any ideas on what is causing this?



    Hey Craig,

    It appers that in IE 8 It does not work. In firefox no problem, It appers well at widget area an inside post.

    What is it wrong?


    Dave Shepard

    Hey Craig, we just pushed up an update for that issue. You’ll see an update notice in your plugin section soon.


    Craig Daniels

    This is great… but I have a problem. In WordPress 2.9.2 when I enter a picture or text to crreate a slide and click publish or update everything disappears from the slide and I end up having to do it over and over and nothing saves… Any thought…