What is a slider

If you are new to website development and are not quite sure what a slider is – don’t fret. A slider is a slide show , usually containing images and text. Some sliders force a user to navigate from one slide to another and some sliders allow you to set a fixed time after which the slider moves on to the next slide automatically.

Does my website need a slider?

Hands down, one of the most popular visual elements to display images is a slider. If you choose to simply add links to your images in a post or page, your visitors are not really going to click on each link and open up each image. A slider is the easiest way to allow your audience to navigate and go through your designs or images.

Words Vs Images. Text vs Visual

The online world really is exactly like the offline world. If you were to stand up on a podium and talk for an hour about a topic, it would be really hard to hold your audience’s attention.
Humans get distracted, very easily – so you would need to use a PowerPoint presentation or a slideshow, basically – any sort of visual aid to keep bringing back their attention to the discussion. It’s the exact same logic that you should apply for your website.

A slider acts as a definitive way of allowing your audience to measure your site and decide what to do next.

Websites that need a slider

If you are into photography, cooking, food recipes, food reviews, fashion or jewellery designing – basically just any kind of creative design or art work, chances are you want to showcase your portfolio on your website. These are all niches that are extremely visual in nature – you can’t really explain your design in words. You probably could, but it wouldn’t be as effective as an image or video.

Slider on your Home Page

Sliders work beautifully when displayed on the homepage especially – as a sort of precursor to the rest of your website. You can even use it is a visual map to your website – highlighting images that represent the key portions of your website.

Sliders with a Call To Action

Sliders can be used to display images or videos too – anything that can keep your audience hooked enough to wade through your site. If you use your sliders effectively, adding a proper, relevant button with a clear Call-To-Action can work wonders. A good, strong Call-To-Action button along with an equally attractive image or video can induce your visitors to click through and boost your conversion rate.

Dynamic Content Slider

If you have a large number of returning visitors and are worried about your homepage looking stale, opt for dynamic content. You can choose to have static content on your slider or even pull it from your social media account, say on Pinterest or Instagram – which are practically built for sharing visual images.

WordPress Slider Plugin or WordPress Themes with a Slider

There are plenty of really good free WordPress Sliders out there, that allow you to do all of these on your WordPress website.

You could also just select a WordPress theme with a slider integrated, so you don’t have the hassle of finding a theme that plays nice with your slider.

Is a slider better than a Grid or Gallery?

  • A slider takes less screen space than an image gallery.
  • A slider allows a user to focus on one image at a time, look at it and then move on when ready. – without getting distracted by a whole bunch of other pictures displayed all together ( in a grid).

In Summary
While there are some who insist the world of sliders is on the decline, basic logic seems to indicate that sliders remain one of the most compelling ways of captivating your audience’s attention. So slide away!

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