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Smart SlideDeck Style Skin Available for jQuery Version

On December 3, 201021 Comments

The last time we held a skin contest, we got a lot of great submissions and some interesting feedback from our users. Today I’ve modified one of the Smart SlideDeck skins to work with non-WordPress versions of SlideDeck. This skin is available to both Lite and PRO users and can be downloaded below.

This skin is intended for use with the non-WordPress version of SlideDeck and requires you to manually edit the HTML. You could also use it in PHP loops for dynamic content, but in general you’ll need to know your way around HTML to use this skin.

Smart SlideDeck skin for non-Wordpress sites.

Download: Smart SlideDeck style skin for jQuery version of SlideDeck

We’re also working on some improvements to the existing set of Smart SlideDeck Skins for the WordPress plugin. We’ve got 3 new Smart SlideDeck Skins in the works (with more focus on images), and the existing skins will gain the ability for a user-defined height to be set. After we fix some reported bugs in the WordPress plugin we’ll be releasing an update with the new Smart SlideDeck skins.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think of the Smart SlideDeck skin conversion.

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    So, Jason, if i buy license i’ll get just the same skin? Or i have to customize it myself? Or the very free JQuery skin available for download at this page is a skin i can already upload and use for my “obtained license” slider? I speak so many words because i’m not sure to buy, because in a demo control panel for wordpress i did’n see the same “lens” or skin. Could you navigate me, Jason? What kind of license or whatever should i buy to get such a slider?



    Is it possible to buy “Smart SlideDeck style skin for jQuery version of SlideDeck” but for wordpress? Just the same as at photo?



    Thanks Jason! For the benefit of anyone else with the same issue in future, the link to the support ticket is below. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.



    Hi, I’m trying to get this working with the pro version of slidedeck, but the buttons along the bottom won’t work with it. You can replicate this by extracting the zip, copying the pro slidedeck.jquery.js into the folder, and changing the reference to point to this file instead of the included slidedeck.jquery.lite.pack.js.

    Any ideas?



    Hello again.

    All I’m looking for really is a quick clarification of how to separate each menu button so that link states can be set for the different buttons within my sprite.

    At the moment all the buttons use the same 3 images for the 3 link states.

    If you just told me how set the buttons apart, I can do the rest…

    I hope I’m making myself understood.

    Thanks once again for all your help.



      Sorry to almost flood this page but I’m really struggling.

      After not being able to find a solution for the problems described above, I decided to use the code you posted on

      This way I created my own buttons and CSS and just applied it like you did in the above example.

      The problem I now have is that I can’t figure out how to have the active state button, for whatever menu item has been selected. Something which wasn’t a problem originally.

      Please please please please advise me on how to fix either problem.

      With the original code, I know I have to add a new class to each menu item. My guess is that I have to fiddle with the code below somehow..

      .skin-light li,
      .skin-light li,
      .skin-light li {

      .skin-light li {

      .skin-light li,
      .skin-light li,
      .skin-light li {

      I just can’t get it to work. Perhaps if you explained how to add a class that worked into the above, and then where I would make reference to that class in the HTML below..


      Or if it’s possible, just explain how I can have an active-state button on the workaround I thought I’d found earlier on in this post.

      Once again apologies for the bombardment of messages, but I am truly desperate!

      Thank you for all your help!




    Thanks for sharing this great skin alongside some great software.

    Just wondering, is it at all possible to customise each menu option so that the hover tags have a different effect on each?

    Essentially to create menu-buttons on photoshop, etc for each specific menu heading?




      Hey Carlos, This should be possible with a little CSS and some images. once you have your deck built and working the way you want, you can just use CSS to add the images where they belong. I’d suggest grabbing a copy of the Lite version and giving it a shot.



      Thanks for your reply. I don’t understand how it can be done though. The way it’s set up though I don’t understand how I would be able to define the location of each item within the menu. Could you please just briefly go over this?

      Greatly appreciated!!



    Hey, any plans to create a version of this Smart skin for WordPress? The layout for this – tabs along the bottom in place of spines on the side – is a great variation.



    Hi Jamie,

    I just downloaded the example ad implemented the same,I also buy the pro version for slide deck too.But the logo of the slide deck did not removed,even i use the pro version.could you please tell me how would i fix this out.??




      Hello Siddharth,

      To remove the SlideDeck logo after purchasing PRO replace the slidedeck.jquery.js file. This should do the trick. If this does not solve your problem please post a support ticket on GetSatisfaction.




    I just download the Smart Slidedeck to my site. I was hoping if someone could give me a little help or pointers on how to constructed a Smart Slidedeck that also have the slide go vertically up and down feature, if that is possible. It would be a great deal of help.



      Hi Daniel,
      Currently Smart SlideDecks are horizontal only. This may be something that we add in the future though, so stay tuned. I would encourage you to post an idea thread in our support forum. It would be great to see what ideas others have about adding this as a feature.



    A very handsome product and it seems to work well.

    I downloaded the Smart SlideDeck skins to work with non-WordPress versions of SlideDeck, from your blog, however when testing in IE 7 I have discovered some formatting problems when I make a couple of very simple changes. First, when I add an image next to the title, the image gets shifted down about 200 pixels. Second, when I try to center SlideDeck by enclosing it in a <div the bottom navigation selectors get shifted out of the view window. Here is an example:

    Please advise on how to fix the problem.



      Hi Chris,
      My colleague John has figured out the issues and will email you directly.
      It was a combination of the align=”center” and a coding error on my part. The offset navigation was due to the align=”center” and the image placement was because I was not being specific enough with the JavaScript that adjusts the image.

      I have updated the download with the fixed JavaScript file.



    Nice feature !
    I work for to integrate this feature on joSlider module.
    Best regards,