Take SlideDeck further: 5 creative uses

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You know SlideDeck is a dead-simple jQuery and WordPress slider. And you may have even tried it out on a site to feature some of your most important content. But did you know that your SlideDeck can do way more than highlight featured posts? It’s true. Your SlideDeck can host all kinds of content, from images to video, audio, forms and more. In this post we’ll show you five creative ways you can put SlideDeck to work for you. So get out of the box, and welcome to a whole new world – one where SlideDeck gives you creative solutions to make your user’s experience a memorable one.

European Rugby Club custom SlideDeck

#1 News Ticker

Need to surface a lot of new content quickly and regularly? SlideDeck makes for a powerful, visual news ticker. The European Rugby Club website uses SlideDeck to keep their readers informed on the latest in the rugby world with a constantly rotating slider full of the day’s news. The image-driven navigation and high-quality photography makes reading the headlines of the day engaging and exciting.

SlideDeck lets you create a choose-your-own-adventure style guide

#2 Step-By-Step Guide

SlideDeck’s flexible slide structure and intuitive navigation make it perfect for all kinds of guided wizards. Whether you’re helping your users plan a day of activities, or walking them through instructions to assemble a piece of furniture, SlideDeck makes creating step-by-step as easy as 1, 2, 3. Let users choose their own adventure and step them through complex content with ease.

Go Ape's custom-designed SlideDeck

#3 Build a Custom Design

SlideDeck comes with skins right out of the box, but it really starts to shine when you wrap it in your own custom design. Check out Go Ape. They created a custom skin for their SlideDeck that makes it the seamless centerpiece of their website. Be bold, put your personal stamp on SlideDeck and watch your website come to life.

Uncommon Goods' custom SlideDeck

#4 Showcase Products

A SlideDeck is a great way to showcase products in e-commerce websites. A rotating image gallery gives prospective buyers a wide range of shots and angles to help them evaluate your product. Images are critical to e-commerce sales, and SlideDeck makes adding, arranging and rotating through product shots a breeze. showcases their eclectic mix of products with SlideDeck. Each slide represents a different collection of things that you just won’t find anywhere else, making it easy to browse their catalog.

90 Day Guitar Quiz uses SlideDeck to guide users through a simple quiz

#5 Multi-Step Forms

Not every form is as simple as name and email address. Sometimes you just need more information. SlideDeck can break down long forms into multiple, bite-sized steps that walk the user through the process. Whether you’re collecting information to quote a home loan or register someone for online guitar lessons, SlideDeck makes long forms intuitive and less intimidating.

The 90-day Guitar Guide uses a SlideDeck to customize their online learning course based on the user’s experience level and available equipment.

Over to you!

There you have it. Five new ways to put your SlideDeck to work for you. From conferences to lead capture, product photos to daily planners, SlideDeck gives you the ability to connect and engage with users in an easy-to-use, intuitive way. So get out there! Experiment and see what you can do with your SlideDeck. And when you come up with a cool new way to put SlideDeck to use, let us know. We’re dying to see where you’ll take SlideDeck next!

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    Catalin Zorzini

    Hey guys,

    Re: the Step-By-Step Guide – is there a way we could set up some sort of rules or it’s only a linear adventure?

    Like if you click on something in slide 1 you’ll go to slide 5, if you click on something else you get to slide 12, etc.

    Thank you!