The Power of Testimonial Slider And the Best Testimonial WordPress Plugin

The Power of Testimonial Slider And the Best  Testimonial WordPress Plugin

Testimonial slider is one of the most effective options to acquire new customers, promoting your products and establishing your brand. They make you look more believable and add values to whatever claims you make to your target audiences. As per a study conducted by Bigcommerce, testimonials can generate 62% more revenue from customers. 88% of customers online testimonials as much as a personal recommendation and 72% of customers get persuaded to buy a product by reading a user testimonial. Using a testimonial strengthens your bond with your customers.   

If you are looking for an easy way to display the testimonial from your customers nicely on your website, a testimonial plugin WordPress is your option. In this article, in addition, we will show you how to create a testimonial slider or carousel using a WordPress testimonial plugin with a step by step instruction. 

What is a testimonial?

The word testimonial refers to an on-record official statement that testifies the qualification, credibility or level of expertise of an individual or organisation. It the context of a commercial website, the word usually applies to the promotional statements or sales pitches that attribute to common people or the product endorsements by influencers or celebrities. 

A testimonial is an effective marketing tool for reputation and image management. It strengthens the claims made by an organisation about its products. It certifies not only trustworthiness but also loyalty. An effective testimonial makes the bond between an organisation and its target group stronger.          

Why are client testimonials effective? 

Words of clients make your image clean and transparent in the eyes of the visitors. It proves you are committed, loyal and sincere. Testimonial Slider makes people who want to enter into an agreement with you. They feel that you are the right option for them. It does not just improve your reputation but also secures your market share. Trust is the foundation on which your entire business stands. If you can build that carefully, success is guaranteed, nothing can hold you back. And, client testimonials are one of the most useful ways to prove your trustworthiness.    

Key benefits of using clients testimonies in the testimonial slider on your WordPress website – 

  • Gives assurance of quality
  • Improves the level of trust
  • Increases confidence of existing customers
  • Persuades new people to partner with you   
  • Increases traffic 

Why do advertisers use testimonials? 

Word of mouth is an advanced marketing technique. It works quite effectively with conscious and sensitive customers. It convinces them that the company really delivers on the promises that it makes. Apart from this, customers always want to know about the performance and post-purchase treatment that customers receive from the brand from the people who have used the product. Moreover, A testimonial is an advanced form of word of mouth techniques. It gives an assurance to your prospect customers that your product will meet their level of expectation. 

Testimonials are also a useful tool to showcase your success stories. Words of appreciation from the people for whom you worked or who were a part of your venture, influence your target groups more effectively than your own words. People trust the words of others easily. If you feature any such story on your site using a testimonial slider, it is highly likely that your website’s popularity will increase and the demand for your products will increase in the market.         

Any website needs a testimonial for an increase in traffic and improvement in users’ experience. There are some additional benefits as well. If you can feature video testimonials on your site and that carries useful information, people like to watch the full video. It increases viewers engagement and reduces the bounce rate. You can also showcase influencers and celebrities and use their mass appeal for the endorsement of your brand or promotion of your products.    

Not to mention, the benefits of using testimonials are countless. Here are the major reasons why an advertiser need a testimonial slider- 

  • Creates strong emotional appeal
  • Give valuable information about products 
  • Persuades  consumers for the purchase
  • Boosts up the conversion rate

How to add the customer testimonial in a slider? 

The easiest way to add testimonies from your customers to your WordPress slider is a slider plugin. It lets you showcase the testimonies of your happy customers on your website in an effective way with just a few clicks. There are tons of WordPress testimonial plugins available in the market. Also, we will show you using a user-friendly WordPress plugin called SlideDeck.   

SlideDeck: WordPress Testimonial Slider Plugin 

SlideDeck is a responsive WordPress slider plugin that helps you to create stunning sliders and carousels on your site to make it more attractive for the visitors. With this, you can create slides from almost any kind of contents on website, social media and YouTube channel. Here are the 5 major types of sliders that you can create with SlideDeck – 

  • Image
  • Video
  •  Product
  • Post
  • testimonial. 

A testimonial slider is a place where you display the feedback of your happy customers. The WordPress slider plugin shows testimonials submitted by your customers in a clean and impressive way.  They are shown in a  responsive and beautiful slider or filterable grid/list format.

Description of the slider

All the slides are highly responsive and designed with content mode. On top of the page, there is a SlideDeck logo. It remains as a mark of identification. There is a nicely designed header panel. Just below that, the customers’ words are placed. Each slide contains customizable fonts. However, There are two different background options, white and black. Users may set the background and the fonts as per their requirements. Below the words of the customers, their images are placed along with their names and profession. By all means, It gives a sense of authenticity and makes the testimonials believable. 

Description of the slider options

The slider has two different customizable navigation options, arrows and bullets. The options can be placed on the top or bottom of the left or right side of the slides. Users may change the navigation types as per their choice and place them in the position they wish to. Both the options, the arrow and the bullet come in attractive colours.  It makes them clear and noticeable. They are marked with circles for users’ convenience. Users may navigate through the slides easily using these options. Each slide has a link option. Using the links is equally important, one may easily go to the next and previous slide. 

How to create a testimonial slider using SlideDeck? 

Creating a testimonial slider with SlideDeck is much easier than you think. It is a matter of just a few clicks. All you need to do is to install and activate the SlideDeck plugin. It has a rich template library. There you will find numerous readymade templates designed to match your needs. Select the template you like the most and create your testimonial. You need no technical knowledge to use SlideDeck.  

 Here are the steps you need to follow – 

  • Activate the free SlideDeck plugin 
  • Visit your SlideDeck plugin setting page and click on “Templates”
  • Now click on “Upload Templates”
  • Click on “Browse”
  • Select the Template Zip files you want to upload from SlideDeck Template Zip files
  • Now you can see the list of installed templates in the templates tab
  • Select the template you want to use 
  • Add your details 
  • Customize the design as per your choice 
  • Hit the publish button  
  • Your Slider  is Ready

The additional advantage of using SlideDeck testimonial slider is it offers you tons of display options. You can add your carousels or slides to your WordPress site in two different ways, either horizontally or vertically.  You can control the navigation styles and add different transition effects to your sliders. It is posible to enable or disable touch screen navigation. The plugin is responsive and highly extendable and it works well with any modern WordPress. It makes your sliders fit any screen size easily and you can continue with your existing theme. There is no need to look for a new one. In case you want some additional features, you can always go for an addon. SlideDeck will easily integrate with all the latest WordPress add-ons


Testimonials are a very powerful tool to strengthen your bond with your customers or clients. And the best way to showcase testimonial from your happy customers is a testimonial slider. As a matter of fact, we have made an attempt in this article to show you how to create a testimonial slider using SlideDeck, a user-friendly WordPress testimonial slider plugin. It will let you create your slider within a few minutes without any hassles. Just install, activate and configure the plugin and relax. Given that, the rest will be done automatically.    

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