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The SlideDeck Survival Guide

On December 9, 20100 Comments

We realized that we haven’t given you guys much guidance on the tao of making kick ass SlideDecks. We’ve accidientally kept all the secrets to ourselves. So we put together a SlideDeck Survival Guide to share our the ancient wisdom and the secret to SlideDeck success.

  1. Tell Your Story. SlideDeck is meant to tell a linear story with optional side stories for more depth. Tell your story from beginning to end with horizontal slides.
  2. Go in Depth: Go deeper into the details of each slide subject by using vertical slides. Let users choose their own adventure.
  3. Answer the Right Questions. If you are explaining a product, make sure to answer the following user questions: 1.) What is it? 2.) How does it work? 3.) How does it benefit me? 4.) What are some examples? and 5.) How do I get started?
  4. Get Some Action. Each slide has the opportunity to lead your users to more detailed or actionable pages. Make sure to use noticeable Call To Action text links or buttons on appropriate slides. You can even place a contact form right in a slide.
  5. Say Less With More. Keep your users’ attention by never making a SlideDeck more than 7 horizontal slides deep.
  6. Get Smart. Visualize existing content on your WordPress powered website like your blog posts or any RSS feed with a Smart SlideDeck (RSS feed capabilities require the SlideDeck Pro for WordPress plugin).
  7. Living Headers. Breathe life into your header by replacing it with a SlideDeck that matches your website design.
  8. Go Spineless. If you don’t have a need for linear story content, turn off the spines and go with a button based next/previous navigation.
  9. Genie in a Bottle: Save space and use a button to open a SlideDeck in a modal window. Like this: [UltimateSlideDeckDemo url=””]
  10. A Window Into Web Content: Remember, your SlideDeck can contain any type of web content. So get creative and use images, videos, forms and other web content to create a rich user experience.

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