SlideDeck 2 - now with more vertical sliding!

Toolkit Lens Updated: Now With Vertical Slides!

On May 21, 20124 Comments

SlideDeck 2 - now with more vertical sliding!The astute among you will have noticed a new update is available for SlideDeck 2. I warn you now, that if you love vertical sliders, it’s about to feel like Christmas has come early – we’ve updated the Toolkit Lens to offer vertical navigation and sliding!

It’s now super-easy to create a vertical slider with the Toolkit Lens. Choose your Deck Type and Content Source as usual, then select the Toolkit Lens. Now, simply configure the Navigation Position setting to be either ‘Left’ or ‘Right’:

Configuring a vertical nav in the Toolkit Lens

Boom. You’re done – now, bask in the glory of your newly-vertically-unchallenged SlideDeck!

The Toolkit Lens will automatically reconfigure itself into a vertical slider

In addition to this 90-degree change, we’ve also implemented a bunch of other fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed the Tool-Kit arrows bug where on hover, in some instances, certain arrow styles were being overwritten causing the buttons to look broken
  • Fixed the configure source title output to remove redundancy in some cases
  • Made it so that when “Preferred Image Source” is set to “First in Gallery” it gets the first image in the gallery based off menu order
  • The back cover link target now inherits what the deck is set to: Open links in… “New Window/Tab” or “Same Window”
  • Fixed an overflow issue with the Tool-Kit lens and covers
  • Changed the default tweet text to be smarter about SlideDeck titles
  • Several Tool-Kit lens changes and updates (for better display of overlays, etc)

Well, what’re you waiting for? Make with the auto-updating, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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    When can we mix vertical and horizontal slides in the same slider. That was a great feature in SlideDeck, and I really want it to make an appearance in SlideDeck 2.



      Hi Andrew

      We’re looking at this, as we know it’s popular, and a lot of people liked the original (some might call it “Classic”) SlideDeck PRO skin with the spines…



    Max Richardson

    Excellent Team DT! Any idea when the custom slides will be launched?