Top 5 Website Design Trends to Keep in Mind While Building your own Business Website

Top 5 Website Design Trends to Keep in Mind While Building your own Business Website

Online research is propelling a significant role in the purchase process of every consumer. A recent PYMNTS survey reveals that 88% of online customers check reviews and product websites before making a purchase decision. Therefore, having a professionally-designed and content-rich website is essential in turning those viewers into buyers and eventually loyal customers. 

A modern website design can also boost customer trust and evoke brand consistency. Customers recognize successful companies only by looking at their brand colors. Thus, you must ensure that the things they identify with your business are reflected in your clean website design.

You can do so by knowing what are the current trends in website design. Keeping up with evolving web design trends enables you to create an innovative website that enhances usability, reduces bounce rates, and increases conversions. Keep scrolling and find out website design trends you can apply to have the edge over your competitors and grow your business

1. Accessibility

Website accessibility is an old design component that continues to top the list of website design trends 2021, and for a good reason. As digital transformation progresses, business websites’ need to provide equal access to their consumers, especially to people living with disabilities, to turn in more revenues. Nearly 15% of the world’s population is living with disabilities, and this number is expected to increase with more individuals experiencing significant limitations to their hearing, motor, and visual functions. 

Providing web accessibility prevents marginalization and opens you into a new market that can positively impact your bottom line. It also reduces the risk of you suffering from hefty fines and damaging lawsuits due to failing to adhere to web accessibility protocols. A famous case in point was the 2019 lawsuit filed against Parkwood Entertainment, which was sued because of its website’s inaccessibility to visually-impaired visitors. 

You can use a website builder platform that supports accessibility standards like WCAG 2.0. An excellent start is to check these website builder software examples to find a solution that allows users to navigate your web pages easily. Keeping your website accessible can help people with disabilities participate in your business more actively and increase overall site usability.

2. Gaussian Blur

The adoption of Gaussian Blur in today’s websites and applications is becoming more popular, with the attention spans becoming shorter than ever. Using this technique, you can divert the viewers’ attention into the message you are conveying on the page rather than the page design itself. 

It can also add a minimalistic flavor to the website design. This way, you can eliminate all the distractions and enable your visitors to focus solely on your website content. It can also result in faster website download speeds, reducing the likelihood of your customers leaving the site due to slow page load times.

The Gaussian Blur’s ability to create a simplistic design also improves navigation while simultaneously easing overall site maintenance. This means that you will no longer have to maintain intricate design patterns or perform constant updates to update your website interface since you are only providing a roll of soft focus to gradients and images.

3. 3D Design Elements

Nothing evokes modernism and innovativeness than employing 3D design elements into your business website. 3D elements bring an added level of novelty, realism, and depth between the digital space and the human world. By implementing modern and dynamic website design ideas, you can engage and entertain your viewers and improve revenue potential.

3D design elements can also provide a more comprehensive view of your products, helping customers make educated purchasing decisions. It can highlight product features, which is vital in persuading customers who think twice about buying your products. This also creates an impression that you are willing to go the extra mile to provide them with detailed information about your products and offered services, which is incredibly helpful in fields like real estate where providing an all-encompassing property view can make or break the sale. 

It can also bring a futuristic touch into your business, which improves brand interests and creates stronger calls-to-actions. Creating forward-looking sites signals to prospects and consumers it is easy-to-use, thereby improving the overall customer experience. A 3D-designed website can also provide you with a noticeable advantage over your competitors since it is more interactive and hands-on than typical websites. 

4. Dark Mode

The dark mode plugin is becoming one of the most popular modern website and app design trends employed by graphic designers to increase user screen time. The advantage of dark mode relies on its ability to help you provide a low-contrast version of your site. Developing a low-contrast version of your site ensures that your web font’s visibility is clear enough, making it quicker for everyone to read your content. 

It also does not create an interruption to the body’s natural cycles, which is relatively common for people who use their mobiles near bedtime. This way, users can scroll through your website in low-light environments, especially at night, without worrying about eye strains. Dark mode can also balance background and other elements of your site, ensuring higher content readability. 

Using dark mode may also be the way to go if your website interface is based on graphic elements. This makes it easier for you to highlight texts that describe the business’s nature and its overall mission. Thus, allowing your readers to get the gist of your business without reading your about page. Making the dark mode option available also empowers you to stand out from competitors and increase visitors’ site times, enabling them to get more involved with your business. 

5. Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling is one of the modern website design trends that is gaining massive traction in a consumer-driven market. Often, business owners make the mistake of overloading their website with too much information. While a wealth of information can assist, not every customer has the time to go through tons of data to find answers to their queries. 

Using scrollytelling design components into your site allows you to convert vast amounts of information into an interactive experience. With scrollytelling, you can create a logical sequence of data-driven visual elements required to effectively convey a message to an audience. This allows you to hook readers into the information’s narrative and keep them engaged as they scroll through your website. 

It can also connect you to millennials and Gen Z individuals who require pixelated graphics and video-game animations to be engaged. This way, your brand can resonate with consumers emotionally, increasing the likelihood of remembering your brand. Scrollytelling can also drive more traffic into your website and maximize your reach to generate authentic engagement. 

Designing a Professional Website to Stay Competitive in Business

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